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Oct 29, 2015 7:32 AM ET

Archived: AWP Energy Inc.: the most cost effective and environment friendly Wind Mill

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 29, 2015

AWP Energy Inc.

AWP  Energy Inc. Logo

Eliminating the weak points of the conventional Wind Mill, we developed the most cost effective and environment friendly Wind Mill. It’s a common sense that the cost of energy generating from the wind is the least among the renewable energy. Due to the issues of the giant Wind Mill, the Wind related energy is not welcome so far. It is not difficult to meet the standing still wind mill . The huge noise, inefficient power generating,,infamous birds killer etc. are the reason s. With our technology of Vertical Axle Wind Turbine and the modular assembly, all the demerits of the wind mill have disappeared. This will be the wonderful opportunity for the investors to maximize their dollars. The cost of making 1 MWH with the wind is known as $60 but ours is as low as $48 in the city of Palmdale. As the power plant is located near the existing grid, no budget for transmission line is necessary. What we need at this moment is the fund to operate the organization until we get the Site for the Power Plant, Power Purchase Agreement from Edison. The the total Construction Fund will be borrowed from the local banks or the foreign banks who are waiting for our signal. As we expect all the things happen within one year, the fund we need is $1,000.000.00.

Products / Services

Electricity, Wind Mill Manufacturing, Distribution, Installation of Wind Mill

Generating Electricity from the Power Plant and selling the Electricity to the Major Suppliers of Electricity.
Manufacturing Wind Mill Components such as Turbine, Blades and Inverters.
Distributing the Wind Mill sets for sales.
Sales and Marketing of the wind mill sets world wide.
Construction of Wind Mill Power Plant in world market.

Contact Information:

Sung M. Kim (onmorie@gmail.com)

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