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Oct 28, 2015 3:07 PM ET

Archived: Margareta – smart wooden handmade toys: a design brand that produces educational wooden children’s toys

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 28, 2015

Margareta – smart wooden handmade toys

           OUR MISSION

Brightening up minds, one puzzle at the time.

Sparking up our children’s potential.

Here at Margareta we believe that within every child lies an opened mind, unbelievable potential eager to be lighted up. We think of our toys as a spark that can lit up that potential and brighten up the minds of our children.


                                              INTRODUCING MARGARETA

Margareta is a Croatian brand that produces educational, high quality handmade and Eco-friendly toys for children.

Margareta is a set of wooden multicolored geometric shapes that are didactic puzzles. They can be converted into 3D shapes such as trees, houses, mountains, etc.


Margareta toys are made of lightweight, high-quality linden wood, painted with colors environmentally harmless for the health and are appropriate for the protection of children’s toys. 

They come in a recyclable cardboard box along with instructions.

                                                        HOW DOES IT WORK?

Children from two years up will enjoy balancing shapes while the older children can arrange pieces in a cardboard box as instructed. Margareta toys develops logical thinking, visual perception, improves concentration, helps learning the basic colors, but also are a great entertainment for  the whole family. 






Contact Information:

Margareta Lekic

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