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Oct 28, 2015 7:16 AM ET

Archived: 2NiteLife: our ‘nightlife antidote’

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 28, 2015




After studying the nightlife scene in Long Island, NY for the past few years, there is one general question that every partygoer asks themselves when approaching a nightout. That question is “Where do we go?”. Even with the power of social media, there is no direct interaction with the nightlife community that can steer people in the right direction. Sure, anyone can type in their zipcode on Google, scroll through a list of bars in their area, and find a place they HOPE can offer an enjoyable experience. BUT, what happens when you choose your destination, get your friends together, only to arrive and find it completely dead. This is a common problem in the nightlife scene, and it usually leads to going to the same places, seeing the same faces, and ultimately becoming a “regular” at your local bar or club.

Allow us to introduce you to our ‘nightlife antidote’ “2NiteLife”. Unlike our competitors who aim to create an alternative social media outlet, we give our users the ability to log in with their Facebook account and sync their friends list. Our users will reach our home screen and be prompted to turn on their GPS capabilities or enter a zip code, as well as choose a category (Bars, Nightclubs, Hookah Lounges, 18+ clubs, live music venues). Once they have selected a category and their location has been found, our app will prompt them to a list of all categorized locations within a 10, 50 or 100 mile radius. Once they decide their destination, they will be prompted to “Check-In” (We also plan to promote check-in’s by on screen notifications and reminders) . As our users scroll down the list they will see clickable links to the locations in their area. Next to the link they will see the amount of people checked in, AND how many of the occupants are their Facebook friends. The kicker? They will NOT be able to see which friends are there, only the number of friends in attendance. (Listings will read; Location – (x) Checked In (x) Friends) The SECOND kicker? The clickable links for each location will prompt users to an interactive screen similar to Instagram, and allow people to post pictures, videos or live updates at the venue of which they are attending. They will also have the ability to share these pictures of FB, Instagram or Twitter.

We are extremely confident that our concept will attract a tremendous amount of users, being that it integrates with existing social media and solves a very significant issue in the nightlife experience. We plan to monetize the app through premium listings on a national scale, as well as advertising. We are also confident that Long Island, NY is an excellent place launch our app. There are over 4,000 nightlife locations in the area and a very interactive community. We have consulted with numerous developers and have been quoted between $100,000-$200,000 for the development of the app. We are looking for a $320,000 investment to develop the app and launch our promotional campaign through the metropolitan area. In the right hands we know this app will be groundbreaking for the nightlife scene, only question is… Who’s hands will it fall into ? Please help us turn our concept into a reality, and make “2NiteLife” the #1 interactive nightlife app in the U.S.!!

What makes this app so unique

  • As of now, there are a small number of competitors in this market. NONE of which have a product comparable to ours. The only competition in this marketplace consists of, simplified national bar directory apps. These apps simply pick up your location and tell you what bars are in your area (Nightlife App, BarRadar etc.) Our closest competitor would be LiveHotSpotNYC, this mobile app will tell you all of the bars and clubs in NYC and through partnerships with nightlife staff, they give you details on the location ( long lines, event schedules etc.) They also offer a mild interactive platform where users can post live updates.
  • For one, instead of trying to recreate the wheel, and launch an app that requires users to be members to interact, our users log in with their Facebook accounts. This allows us to implement a much more personal experience for our users. When looking through our list of locations in their area, they will see the name of the bar, how many people are checked in, and how many of those people are their friends on Facebook. To protect privacy AND create a mysterious attraction to each location, we DO NOT disclose the names of your friends at the location. HOWEVER, each listing is a clickable link that will direct users to a fully interactive newsfeed that will showcase any pictures, videos or live updates from the location they chose. This will eliminate the extra time and money spent developing relationships with every venue. Instead of live updates from staff on a limited amount of locations, delivering invaluable information, we address the 2 major concerns for any partygoer, “How many people are there, and how many of those people are my friends?”. Giving our users the option to post live updates in addition will make for a much more personal interactive experience and make 2NiteLife a one of a kind nightlife solution for the entire United States!

Why we need your support

  • App Development
  • Local Marketing Campaign
  • Payroll/ Sales Force/ Global Marketing Campaign
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