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Oct 27, 2015 9:29 AM ET

Archived: Energex Industries – Clean, on-site energy that pays for itself

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015

Energex Industries is a Energy company with a money-saving option for electricity production. The Company has secured rights for North America to Fuel Cell and Flow Battery storage technologies developed and commercially available in Europe.  By combining the two technologies, Energex as created a System which allows users to not only save thousands of dollars on electriciy cost but by generating their own electricity and end their dependency on traditional electric providers. 

This  provides the user with the reality that they can go from “on Grid” to “off Grid” without the need to change their electricity usage.  Furthermore this fully “on demand” System achieves one very important milestone – in more practical terms “no more elecricity bills”.


Energex Industries is tackling a problem that home and business owners everywhere face. Rising electricity rates worldwide are fueling conversations about finding cheaper, alternative sources of power. Furthermore with more people beginning to work from their home due to the accessibility of technology, digital devices like laptops, laser printers, scanners, shredders and more, the demand for electricity continues to increase.

Traditional sources of power come from power plants that stream energy across different distributors, eventually providing energy to homes and businesses for use. However, so much energy is lost during this long process that only 22%-30% of the original fuel energy reaches the actual point of use.

When violent weather events knock out power, residents must either rely on temporary generators or live in darkness until electrical power is restored. Until recently, there was no affordable solution for people to store their own continuous supply of energy, leaving them no choice but to rely on the grid for power.


Energex Industries is ready to enter the North American market with its Direct Energy Generation System (“System”) with the view to provide both homeowners small and business owners with meaningful energy savings by using a commercially ready and patented Fuel Cell and Flow Battery Storage technologies.  This new System achieves its capabilities by first using a 2 Kw Solid Oxide Fuel Cel (“SOFC”) known as the BlueGen. The BlueGen is the world’s most efficient, small-scale electricity generator.

The sad truth is for all of the alternative energy technologies that exist or will exist they will never realize their full potential until efficient methods are found to store and harness the energy.  The solution lies in energy storage and in particular a battery storage system that can deliver reliable power on demand.  One battery in particular the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) capable of powering everything from a single family home right up to the storage demands of high voltage utility grade power sources.

Energex by combining the SOFC and the VRFB technologies into one System fueled by highly reliable energy source (either natural gas or propane) will supply an electric generation and storage System that provides a seamless transition to users without asking them to change their “use of energy” habits.  

What this amounts to is a System, whose combined footprint is slightly larger than a medium size chest freezer, that can generate and store 48kW of electricity that can be used on demand by using between $2-3.00 per day of either natural gas or propane.  What this means is that a user has a reliable and affordable means of gaining control over their energy costs.

Unlike the energy efficencies of 22%-30% attained by Utility Companies. This System achieves electricial efficencies which is proven to attain 60% electrical efficiency at the point of use. Furthermore the user can use the thermal energy generated by the System to produce 50 gallons of usable hot water per day and in doing so increases the efficiency to 85%.

Additional benefits of the System includes:

Cleaner, quieter and more efficient power production

Remain connected to the Grid as backup

EZ installation by HVAC professional

Lower maintenance and long operating life

Operating efficiencies at part load or feed-in to Grid where allowed

Few moving parts and high degree of reliability

Probably one of the most significant benefit in addition to the above, is that because the System uses propane or natural gas as its core energy source both of which have their own independent delivery systems, assures the user that the fuel needed to operate the System will always be available.  What does this mean for users of the Energex Energy System – no more blackouts.

It is also possible for an average homeowner, based on their energy savings, to realize a pay back, of their capital costs for the System in approximately six years.


The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery:

The VRFB technology utilizes the flow of this vanadium electrolyte separated by an ion exchange membrane.  A reversible electrochemical reaction allows electrical energy to be stored and subsequently returned.  The system works much like the everyday rechargeable battery but on a much larger scale.

The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) is a game-changer. It has a lifespan of tens of thousands of cycles, does not self-discharge while idle or generate high amounts of heat when charging, and can absorb and discharge huge amounts of electricity instantly–over and over again.

The VRFB is not limited in its ability to store energy unlike conventional batteries.  The VRFB is not constrained by these limits, as the electrolyte is stored outside of the cell separating power and storage.  The setup of the electrolyte and the membrane stack can be compared to that of an engine and fuel tanks.  The engine which in this case is the SOFC, delivers the power rated in kilowatts (the membrane stack) whidst the fuel (the vanadium electrolyte) delivers the energy rated in kilowatt hours. This makes this energy storage solutions easily scalable.

The VRFB is certified and patented for the European Union.

The Fuel Cell

The SOFC technology is built around anode-supported cells (ASC). The anode is the physical supporting structure which allows the electrolyte layer to be very thin; offering low electrical resistance.

To start with the natural gas is filtered and introduced to the SOFC system.  Once the sulfur is removed the ethane, propane and butane are extracted and removed as the gas passes through a burner leaving only methane.  The methane is then reformed onto hydrogen, which is passed through the fuel cell to create electricity.  As mentioned earlier the recoverable exhaust heat is then used to generate approximately 50 gallons of hot water over 24-hours

Additionally, the system is remotely monitored for functionality and to ensure the user the peace of mind of knowing that the System is operating at peak efficency. The internet connection allows Smartphone access to adjust operation of the System. Software provides Smart Home Reporting for owners to monitor operational efficiencies and view energy savings

The Fuel Cell is patented protected with 28 patent families and 160 individual patents.

The entire System is classified an appliance for easy rental and lease financing.


The SOFC ceramic fuel cell is CE Safety certified in Germany, Holland, Belgium, the UK and Australia.

 The VRFB is CE Safety certified for the EU.

Our launch of the Energex Direct Generation System will be in 2015. . Certification for both the SOFC and the VRFB, to be completed by early 2015 and be ready to enter the market by mid 2015 as well.  With much of the work for certification already performed for both the SOFC and the VRFB in the United States and Canada, it is anticipated that certification for both will be achieved in three months.

We have attracted the commitment of Net Zero builders/developers inSouthwestern Ontario to use our direct generation systems in commercial and residential properties.  In addition, the Canadian Gas Association and theCanadian Propane Association are eager to assist in promoting the System to their customers as the System uses more of their fuels.

The Company is finalizing its negotiations with a Central Ontario municipality who will be initiating  an energy conservation program in 2015. With approximately  50, 000 single famiy homes and with the municipality anticipating a 80% penatration rate representing a potential purchase of up to 40,000 of our units. The municipality will pay for the System and amortize the captial cost of the Energex System over 20-years.  They will recoup this cost with an incremental increase to the Homeowner’s property taxes.  The benefit to the Homeowner is that he will  incur no additional personal debt and instead of paying a monthly electricity bill, will  alternatively pay a small incremental increase to his property taxes.  Consequently we anticipate a high response rate. 

We expect other municipalities to follow this model in the future.  To that end Energex has already commenced discussions with a second municipality that, upon hearing of the energy conservation Program discribed above, would like to explore how they could initate their own program.

Service Experts® with 200 HVAC partners in locations across North America will help rapidly deploy the Energex System to the user base.

Lambton College, located in Sarnia Ontario, will be part of the certification process as well as developing training programs for HVAC installers for certification in fuel cell and redox flow battery installation and maintenance. Lambton College is ranked as 17th in the Research Infosource Inc. Ranking of Canada’s Top 50 in research colleges and is regarded as 6th in Canada amoung those colleges active in applied research and developement. Also Lambton is condsider one of the leading Colleges involved in fuel cell research in Canada.


Peter’s experience is in merchant banking, taking opportunities and building viable businesses.  His endeavors include biodegradable food packaging, working with Trinity Capital to develop an incubator for TD Canada Trust and providing consulting work for Capital Power and Enbridge Power to introduce large scale wind turbine generation in Central and Northern Ontario. Peter is in charge of leadership, vision, corporate development, contract negotiations and partner procurement at Energex.

Peter has owned a marketing firm for three decades and is experienced at developing customer profit for small, medium and large sized firms. His responsibilities at Energex include developing and coordinating effective global marketing strategies for deployment in North America.

Bill Sinclair, Legal
Bill provides and coordinates Energex’s legal services in North America.


Peter Filion: CEO

Henry Jansen: Member

Peter Watson: VP

Paul Lambert: Member

Paul Blanchard: Member

Doholis Lambert: Doholis is a business performance architect consultancy under contract to Energex.

Lambton College, Sarnia Ontario: Lambton College validates the combined technologies.

Shahram Karimi, Ph.D., P.Eng: Shahram is a professor and NSERC Industrial Research Chair at Lambton College.

Mehdi Sheikhzaheh, Ph.D, IRCC: Mehdi is the Dean of Applied Research and Innovation at Lambton College.

Jon Richards: Jon is a financial consultant with major Wall Street and Bay Street firms.

Bob Kennett: Bob is the CEO of Ceramic Fuel Cell Limited.

John Ward: John is the President of Renewable Energy Devices Technology.

Richard Payne: Richard is the COO of Ceramic Fuel Cell Limited.

Contact Information:

Peter Filion
Peter Watson

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