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Oct 27, 2015 8:45 AM ET

Archived: eKONNEKT: brings a whole new view at usage of PC’s in today’s personal and business use

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 27, 2015




EKONNEKT [former WorkCollaboration.com] brings a whole new view at usage of PC’s in today’s personal and business use. We are thinking a step ahead of the competition and that’s what brought many unusual and smart solutions into our system. Some of them may sound similar but they work the way they intended to be. Making small pieces important completes perfect solution for all users’ needs from the simple editor to the universe of possibilities. All fits one is the name of eKONNEKT for 21st century.
We developed the product that streamlines the business processes, while minimizing the operational cost. eKONNEKT allows for seamless integration of external users, vendors, and supply chain management into the business operational processes with the use of the Portal Technologies. eKONNEKT goes further by providing Business Process Automation capabilities.
eKONNEKT is also a basis for a sophisticated, yet user friendly communication system that allows for integration of regular household financial activities such as making purchases on Internet or paying bills. With the advent of new Internet Technologies the share of home users, utilizing internet for commercial and personal purposes, is constantly growing. What’s EKONNEKT? It’s a complete package from Symantec Web to Globalization, from Document Management to Video Conferencing, from Task Management to Payroll, from Advertizing to Product Promotion, from user friendly interface to cutting big IT expenses.

Built using latest technology with Object-Oriented Architecture and flexible component approach, the eKONNEKT Suite enables individuals and businesses to create their own Work Spheres and modify Collaboration actions/ initiatives /campaigns, generate reports and manage multi-channel inventory via an easy-to-use, application-like web-based interface.

Business and Marketing plans are available upon request.

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Competitive advantage vs :

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft TFS
Microsoft SharePoint
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Contact Information:

Oleg Yavorsky

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