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Oct 26, 2015 4:20 PM ET

Archived: Keep Architecture Open 2015: to enable the public to understand, appreciate and enjoy architecture

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 26, 2015

Keep Architecture Open 2015

The story of the project

The Australian Architecture Association (AAA) is a cultural not-for-profit organisation. Our aim is to enable the public to understand, appreciate and enjoy architecture.

Since 2004, our program of walks, talks and tours enhanced public understanding and appreciation of architecture.   We have conducted over 1200 walks, about 50 talks and opened 250 homes for the Australian public.

Our weekly architecture walks OPEN architecture to everyone.  Conducted by our dedicated volunteers, we explain architectural design with minimum jargons so everyone can understand the thought process behind the pieces of architecture around us.    Our core group of 25 trained volunteer guides are passionate about architecture and form the backbone of our association. 

Our Black Talks, Short Black Talks and other special talks bring local and international architects to our capital cities, OPENing our audiences’ minds to the lastest trends in architectural design.   Our past speakers include international Pritzker Prize Laureates as well as award winning local architects. 


Our Bus Tours and At Home with the Architect series OPEN private homes to the public.  Not only one can experience the well designed spaces, we also have the architect there most of the time to show our participants around and explain the design.

How the funds will be used

Our target is to raise over $10,000.  This will help us continue our current program of walks, talks and tours for the general public in 2016.  If we can raise $20,000, we will be able to expand our program in NSW and other states. Since 2014 we have developed a small program with the assistance of a passionate volunteer architect in Victoria, however, we need your support to sustain this program and grow in more states.

In appreciation of your help, we have put together some great rewards for your support of the “Keep Architecture Open” campaign!


All our events have been made possible by our team of volunteers, with the support of our members and event partners. However, we need funding to sustain our program.

Please OPEN your wallet, support this fundraising campaign and help “Keep Architecture Open” to everyone!

Sponsors Helping to ‘Keep Architecture Open’

The Australian Architecture Association would like to thank the following individuals and organisations who have shown their love for the AAA by donating rewards to our campaign:

Universal Magazines is Australia’s largest niche media company, home to many of Australia’s most trusted and in-demand magazines and online destinations.

Bennetts Associates is one of the UK’s leading architectural practices, with a reputation for design, delivery and sustainability across a wide range of sectors.

Paul Connor is a registered architect, painter and partner of Connor and Solomon Architects, was the founding director of the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, and is a Trustee of the Australian Museum, currently chairing its Building Committee and is also secretary of the Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club. Paul has a close relationship with Paris having won tenure to the Academie des Architectes Cité Internationale Des Arts studio in the early nineties and returning on a regular basis with his family since.

Contact Information:

Australian Architecture Association

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