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Oct 23, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Rave Reviews: Discover, Share, and Promote great places to eat, shop, play. Rave!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 23, 2015

Rave Reviews is the easiest and most exciting way to find and share the best local restaurants, clubs, shops, and services. We take the stale premise of online reviews à la Yelp and Google+ Local and inject it with a dose of social, ratings aggregation, and micro-videos to create an entirely new way to experience online reviews.


Fake reviews aren’t the outliers anymore. They’re the norm.  

The 5-Star Rating System is Outdated

One Plumber, Five Ratings

(source: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2013/09/online-ratings-services/index.htm)

A single local plumber has five different reviews from five different ratings services. If that’s not the sign of a broken system, we don’t know what is.


Get the whole picture

Rave Reviews gives you the whole picture so you can decide fast

  • See everything at-a-glance: Rave Reviews pulls information and ratings from Google+ Local and Yelp.
  • Micro Videos: Text reviews are so yesterday. Rave Reviews six-second video reviews capture not only the opinioning, but show the food, the sight and sounds, the ambiance.
  • Couple rating comparisons with micro videos and voilà, you’ve made up your mind!
  • Social at the core: Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your next post is a click away on the Rave Review app.

Discover Great Recommendations

  • What’s good to eat nearby? What are the best coffee shops? Where can I find a trustworthy mechanic?
  • Compare ratings from Yelp, Google, and others to make an informed decision quickly.
  • Scroll through six-second videos from real customers, then get directions, call, or get more info, right from the app.

Share with Ease

  • Share your six-second Rave Reviews videos to your preferred social networks 
  • Post your reviews to social networks with one click.
  • Send the review by text or email to friend. Great when you need to meet someone in a pinch!

Promote and Engage Your Customers

  • Rave Reviews is an awesome platform for businesses, promoters, and influencers to engage their customers.
  • It’s free and easy to get your message out to a community of your choice.
  • Spread the word about deals and events. Share great customer experiences!
  • Generate more business from the palm of your hand


Currently in Beta
We released the Rave Reviews beta to iOS and Android in June, and we’ve been busy pushing updates every 3-4 weeks. The feedback has been tremendous.

We’re a Hit!
We’re at 3,000 users, and gaining 1,000 more every month, and our bounce rate is a very respectable 36 percent.

Intellectual Property
We trademarked “Rave Reviews” and filed a patent for our unique concept: the aggregation of reviews and ratings from other sites.


Paul Ling, Founder & Chairman: Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive expertise in bringing innovative ideas to market.

Richie Gomez, Founder & President/CEO: Richie was CEO of FoodTube.net and continues to be an innovator in the software engineering field, with expertise in social and video applications.

Lorraine Ling, Founder & CTO: Lorraine is an expert in mobile software, architecture, and development.

Dr. William Wu, Principal Engineer: Dr. Wu’s expertise lies in video and mobile technologies and development.

Kelly Ling, CMO: Kelly is a marketing guru with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.

Contact Information:

Paul Ling,
Richie Gomez
Lorraine Ling
Dr. William Wu
Kelly Ling

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