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Oct 22, 2015 9:29 AM ET

Synergy IXS: Automated Medical Record Retrieval and Management Solution

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 22, 2015

Synergy IXS, by Information Exchange Systems, is a cloud-based record retrieval and management platform dedicated to helping legal firms and companies in the insurance industry streamline and simplify their medical and other record handling needs.

For insurance companies and law firms specializing in personal injury law, dealing with medical records is an integral part of day-to-day operations. But relying on manpower to retrieve and organize those records is expensive and, worse, inefficient, resulting in hours of lost time, confusion and headaches for all involved.

Synergy IXS offers insurance companies and law firms the ability to automate the record retrieval process and provides them with 24/7/365 access to those records in a secure, user-friendly environment.


Synergy IXS makes retrieving and managing medical and other records simple, efficient and stress-free.

Since Synergy is a cloud-based service, we are able to integrate with the software products already used by our clients as well as medical providers, resulting in:

Synergy offers our clients the ability to organize their records according to the needs and systems of their specific organization. We also provide additional services including OCR, bookmarking and expert analysis and commentary, which makes Synergy the most complete record retrieval and management system on the market today.


While still a young company, Information Exchange Systems is already setting the stage for big things to come. Promising developments to date include:

First version of the platform is currently in production and already servicing requests from several clients

System is already processing over 100 record requests per month

Recently signed a major defense law firm and third-party insurance administrator

Next version scheduled for mid-2014 release

Patent pending for feature to be integrated in a future version

With the right resources, Synergy IXS will be perfectly positioned to become a go-to record management solution for law firms and insurance companies nationwide.


Eugene is a serial entrepreneur with several company launches to his name, the first of which being Fallon Consultants, which he started back in the late 1980s. Eugene’s passion is identifying business needs and developing the most efficient processes possible to fulfill those needs, with a special emphasis on how technology and automation can be implemented to achieve maximum success and efficiency.

Lucia is an experienced financial analyst with 15 years of experience working with major banking and investment firms.

Thomas has 18 years of Wall Street experience, 5 years as a floor manager and 4 years with Xerox as Project Manager and Lead Technician.

Chris has 12+ years of business development and sales experience, including working at multiple venture capital funded startups. He also has experience working at a prominent angel investment group and a boutique mergers & acquisitions firm.   

Maryann is an orthopedic nurse at a world-renowned hospital in New York City.


Mark Bullock has been Senior Vice President, Government & Legal Affairs at Mercy Health System for 14 years, acting as its General Counsel and chief government relations advocate.

Dr. Larkin has been a private practice cardiological care physician for 20 years, and is board certified in both cardiology and internal medicine.

As a consultant and architect for McGraw-Hill, Caoimhin helped to create the world’s first online custom publishing platform. As COO at, he helped launch several new products for the company, in addition to overhauling all back-end services and billing systems.

Viktor Drozd is an accomplished technology professional with 15 years of experience in the areas including information architecture, information systems design and data modeling.

Contact Information:

Eugene Fallon
Lucia Larkin
Thomas Carroll
Christopher Snyder
Maryann Carroll

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