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Oct 21, 2015 9:50 AM ET

Archived: Rondebosch Inc dba RINC

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 21, 2015

Rondebosch Inc dba RINC

Rondebosch Inc dba RINC Logo


Much of tech is monetized by online advertising. Although a successful model for the tech companies, advertisers are finding the benefit-cost ratio questionable, but more importantly – its contributing to the broader problem of information overload to the consumer.

The PDF deck shows that based on some research and deduction that the average human has learned to adapt to this and only absorb information selectively. Not only has the consumer’s marketing experience become increasingly negative, but our experience has also taught us that advertisers are less than happy with the results.

The industry is ripe for change.

RINC would like to reinvent itself and raise $3M to bring to market a smarter, game changing marketing/advertising model as outlined in the deck that:

1. is a positive brand experience
2. is absorbed by the consumer without the need for conscious engagement
3. would be more inclined to be viral in nature, a notoriously elusive quality, as advertisers can attest to
4. is scalable

Tristan, Mark and Robert will be forming a team once capital has been raised, that have had over 70 years in business and have learned the industry’s shortcomings and have the experience to make change happen.

As there are many stakeholders in the $600B advertising business willing to protect their status quo, the possibility of an early buyout should certainly be a factor to potential investor in RINC in how that might reduce their exposure to risk.

Products / Services

Alternative Marketing / Advertising

Expansion of a one-man shop to a full agency model at its smallest effective footprint to develop methods to transmit unbranded, but mainly visual cues in the marketplace, to facilitate a discovery process. So the ultimate brand association becomes a visual right brain stimulus – should you never know the product name, logo, tag line or sales shtick but make the connection through graphics/experience – the association with the product/service will be a far happier and positive one that doesn’t feel like it is being forced on you, as with the increasingly invasive practice of targeted advertising.

Its more likely to be passed on to others by word of mouth – the ultimate and most viral form of advertising – which is free!

Please look at the attached business plan which explains the above in more detail.

Contact Information:

Tristan Slothouber
Dave McGuire

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