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Oct 20, 2015 6:41 PM ET

Archived: Support Torbay Table Tennis Academy

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 20, 2015

Support Torbay Table Tennis Academy

As you may or may not know, Table Tennis is the 6th most played sport in the world and there is huge growth potential for clubs such as ours, that are coaching young players to a high standard. All of our players, both junior and senior, already play in a league, with a few in Division 1 that show great promise, already play for the county and could even go on to national level. Our coaches have won the top honours in both the men’s and women’s competitions, locally and at County level. The Torbay Table Tennis Academy has been awarded Premier Club status with one star confirming the quality of coaching and administration within the club and we have now attained the highest qualification of Sport England Clubmark within our governing body, Table Tennis England.

In the last 2014 / 2015 season T.T.T.A completed a hat trick of victories – Division One Champions, Challenge Singles Cup Winners and Dyment Doubles Shield winners. The team won everything that was available to win. The club has also created a great junior team that have also shared the success – Our 7 year old player came second in the under 11 boys category in the Devon Junior Championships 2015. In August our coaches took six children to Dusseldorf, at their own expense, to compete in the Andro KidsOpen 2015 competition, one of the biggest European Open Tournaments for children from all over Europe. It was a great event, played on 80 table tennis tables,with over 1400 players from 24 countries.

With the above in mind you can see why it’s so important for us to continuewith the good work that has already been achieved.

But there’s a problem

We have been open since 2011 and have built up a well organised and successful club, with an excess of 30 subscribers including a number of very talented young players, with a promising future.

Unfortunately, because we only charge the kids a nominal amount, as some are disadvantaged, we have less money coming in than going out and that’s obviously not good. We have managed to keep going so far, by a lot of time being given for free, one small lottery grant that enabled us to set up and a local company that sponsored us for a year, but unless we can raise more money the club will have to reduce the amount of sessions, next season, from 4 down to just 1 or 2, which obviously is not enough. In fact, what we need to enable our members to sustain their level and encourage the next generation to join, is to provide more classes, not less.

We are in the process of applying for grants from both the government and other sources, but as you can appreciate, there is a huge demand from other applicants and it takes time. Therefore we are looking for help to keep us going in the interim.

If we can offer more sessions with the excellent coaches on our team, we are certain that not only will our club continue to give these children a safe, fun and healthy environment on a regular basis, but also give them the opportunity to grow and go on to a higher level. Who knows, you may even see one or two in the next Olympics!

How you can help:

Your support would go towards the hall hire for the current sessions and the addition of further sessions, purchase or replacement of equipment, club kit and tournament fees.

We would be looking to raise obviously as much possible and at the same time would be happy with anything, but if we could achieve £4,500 that would buy us enough time to find a permanent sponsor and have regular funding in place. I have shown impact amounts, but every little helps.


I’m sure if you could see the kids that play, how good they are and how happy they are doing it, you will know that our club is not just giving them something that keeps them healthy in body, but something that makes them feel good about themselves and therefore also healthy in mind and soul.

Thank you in anticipation and feel free to check out our websitewww.tttacademy.info

Contact Information:

Torbay Table Tennis Academy

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