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Oct 16, 2015 1:29 PM ET

Archived: MAX ROMEO meets ROLLING LION STUDIO – NEW ALBUM: Help us Produce Max Romeo’s new album – Using original the vintage ‘Black Ark’ equipment, and original players of instruments!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 16, 2015


My name is Daniel Boyle, a music producer from the UK. In 2013 I set up a Kickstarter to release an album I had been working on with Lee Scratch Perry  ”Back on the Controls”. We were more successful than we could have possibly imagined, the album launched globally, and culminated with a GRAMMY award nomination! 

It was a fantastic experience collaborating with the Kickstarter community, and I have made some great friends during the campaign, a truly amazing experience! For that project, I collected as much of the old Black Ark equipment as I could, that Lee Perry had in his studio; and have been thinking about the next project to use it on… 

So here we are! I want to reach out to the Kickstarter community, to try to involve as many reggae & music fans as I can, in helping us realize our vision of producing a deep roots reggae album, using all the vintage 1970’s equipment I have, and original musicians; for the legendary Jamaican vocalist Max Romeo! – Noted for his critically acclaimed work with Lee Scratch Perry in the 1970’s, and for his timeless classic songs penned over the last 50 years!!  Such as ‘War ina Babylon’ ‘Melt away’ ‘one step forward’ and possibly, the most sampled reggae song ever! -”Chase the Devil’.


I have begun work on the rhythms for the album, (One is playing during the video). I worked with Max in Jamaica a few years ago, and feel I can produce a set of super heavy tracks, for Max to sing on that will work well for his voice, and produce a stunning Roots Reggae album! This starts with the Musician Line up…

So far, we have the veteran player Hughie Izachaar, who did bass and guitar on the Perry album, and I am involving some of the old ever changing Upsetter line up. The Upsetter bands Robbie Lyn on Keys, Studio one and Black Ark legendary Trombonist Vin Gordon, and the Upsetter band & Bob Marley and the Wailers –  Glen Da’costa on Sax and flute!  Drums will be provided by one of Belgium’s hottest reggae players and co-collaborator Puraman! During the project, I will try to add more old Black Ark players and great instrumentalists into the mix as we go!

The idea is to start where Max’s number one album ‘War inna Babylon’ left off. Deep and heavy Black Ark style roots songs, but this time we are going to do a double album, a vocal album, and a Dub album! Released together in the same package.

To really top it all off, we have the one and only Tony Wright, hand painting an oil painting for the cover art. Tony was responsible for hand painting Max Romeo’s’ War Ina Babylon’ album artwork, Lee Perry’s seminal Dub album ‘Super Ape’, Bob Marley’s Natty Dread, I jahman Levi’s ‘Hail him’, Junior Murvin’s Black Ark album ‘Police and Thieves’ and many more famous covers! 

I have also re connected with Lee Perry, who has done some extra vocals on the rhythms I have so far, some percussion, and added some crazy effects like he did on the ‘Back on the controls’ Album, all to be used on the dub versions. So I am trying to bring together a solid group of musicians to complete this vision, and record Max to create a powerful album! 


My vision is to achieve the same level of quality as we did with the Perry album. Double 180gram Vinyl, double cd, booklet full of photos and info, and showcasing Tony Wrights Artwork for the cover!

But first, is the final production of the songs! I know this album will only work if the original and veteran players are involved. Some of the old Upsetter band, and some of the ‘Back on the controls’ crew too! I need to reach out to the KS community to achieve enough to enable me to hire the right players as session musicians , pay all artist fees, and studio time in the various studios in the UK and Jamaica that we will be recording in. Then I will fund all the distribution myself, and release this to the world! So far, we have done a lot of the vocals, and half built the rhythm tracks. Whats next is to over dub extra parts, more vocals, horns, some strings, percussion, Theremin, (Yes Theremin!) and more! Then to pick the right dub versions once I make them, and create a package worthy of Max’s vocal talent!  


Apart from helping me realize this project! I also want to involve the KS community in the production where possible. For certain rewards, I wish to share some of the songs as we go, with YOU, the backers (some need to remain secret for you as a surprise!). Take advice on the right rhythms or dub versions to use on the album, the right instruments to add into the tracks, track order, artwork direction.. basically any advice I can, as I want to make this as interactive as possible so we can Kick Produce this album together! Then hopefully we can, together; release an album for Max Romeo and bring it to the world!


As this album has recently been started, there is some way to go. I aim to finish the Rhythm tracks  and vocals by the end of November, then work on artwork design, song order etc, then mix the tracks and make all the dub versions for the dub record that’s part of the double release. Then press the Records! Having done a Kickstarter before, I am aware that many challenges are presented along the way. It took us ages to press the vinyl last time, so I am setting a release date of March 2016. But will aim to get it done quicker.


I have calculated that I need an extra £5250 to enable me to round up the remaining players of instruments and get them into the right studios. I am in contact with all the previously mentioned people, so everyone is ready and waiting! This figure will enable me to record at the highest quality, with original vintage equipment. I will then mix the album at my studio where we did the last album for Lee using all the old Black Ark effects units! 

I have a stretch Goal also – if we hit £8000 I can seek out some more players to feature on the album, and increase our production quality, 180 gram vinyl, top flight mastering etc..

If we hit £10,000 I wish to investigate some involvement from other artists who have worked with Max, to add bits to the songs, perhaps the Congo’s for backing vocals, or other instrumentalists, but I wish to decide upon these with the Kickstarter backers and do a vote / get ideas on others to be involved! 


Just click on the Green ”BACK THIS PROJECT” Button in the upper right hand corner and choose your pledge. Any problems, just mail me. Rewards that need shipping will be shipped wherever you live.


Either message via Kickstarter, or rollinglionstudio@googlemail.com All questions will be answered asap, from UK time zone.


I will continue work on the tracks, just slowly. If we don’t hit the goal I intend to still release this album, but will need to work hard to raise all remaining funds. I would imagine due to my work commitments, a late 2016,  early  2017 release could be possible if i’m on my own! 

Contact Information:

Daniel Boyle

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