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Oct 15, 2015 6:46 AM ET

RENT: The Cult Rock Musical Returns to South Africa

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 15, 2015


The Cult Rock Musical Returns to South Africa


Working with a very talented, professional, well established up and coming South African cast, seeing the likes of Megan C.  While their passion and love of the production brought them to audition, each cast member was hand-picked (some even head-hunted) very carefully.

Led by a creative team, under the auspices of 2AM PRODUCTIONS, that shares an absolute raw passion and love for RENT – all with such a drive for the musical, have all committed and come on board with no financial motivation or promise of personal remuneration.  2AM PRODUCTIONS,  founded by Daniel Oosthuizen, started as an amateur theatre organisation, is the lovechild of a love/hate relationship between expression  of  raw passion and talent, while juggling the business-aspect of the industry.

Starting off and coming from a background with almost no theatre and stage experience, Daniel Oosthuizen, the founder, has had a unformidable obsession and passion with musical theatre and drama. Daniel started his career as an artist in 1999 as a solo musician and singer, and has since then been involved with 10 years of live performances and worked in various shows namely ‘I want to be a Rockstar’ with Cunningbrad, touring South Africa, performing at festivals like Innibos and even as far as the Civic Theatre in Bulawayo. Early in 2007, this obsession has started witnessing a long-awaited change when Daniel got actively involved with amateur stage theatre and drama theatre in Roosevelt, Johannesburg, when he joined The Franklin Players. This was the start of an incredible relationship with the stage. In 2010 Daniel produced and directed a school production of Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Although this was a small budget, and amateur production, it was the start of his passion and drive to take this passion and turn it into a much criticized reality

Funding is required for various stages of the production. Our first, and urgent stage is to overcome the financial hurdle is funding to:

●  Secure the rights and licensing of the production payable to DALRO – R25 000
●  Secure our theatre venue (payable deposit – R35 000)

Follow-up funding will include:

●  Stage and set design  (R50,000)
●  Balance of production rights (Security deposits and licensing) (R14,000)
●  Balance of venue-hire (TBC)
●  Further marketing activites (photoshoots, radio spots/ads and creating further awareness
●  Community outreach:
       – HIV/AIDS awareness
       – Drug-additiction awareness

The subsequent funding stages are scheduled to be concluded by end of October and November respectively.

We are proud to announce that this production will take place in the Pretoria State Theatre!


Milestone 1 –  R60 000
The Tipping Point – If we reach this, our project is A-go!

To keep this project running we need to secure the bare minimum running costs or the continuity we need to secure:
– Our fantastic venue – The Pretoria State Theatre Deposit of R35,000
– Our DALRO performing rights advance – R25,000

Milestone 2 – R100 000

Without our 2nd milestone we would like to start building the spectacular stage that RENT will be performed on,and the game-changer amount that will be carrying this is:  R100,000.00

Milestone 3 – R200 000
The Ultimate Goal

With this milestone we can pay our amazing cast an advance for their hard work by the time the performance start.  This milestone will also ensure all our other running expenses of making this magical production happen!!  With this milestone we’ll be able to run this project without corporate funding!

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2am Productions

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