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Oct 14, 2015 2:50 PM ET

Archived: VoodooShield: Innovative antivirus and malware security solution

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2015

VoodooShield is a powerful antivirus and malware security solution with several innovative proprietary features. This small but powerful gadget sits on your desktop, completely locking down your computer. Instead of waiting for a malicious file to infect, VoodooShield stops the threat before it happens.


Virus protection, as it works today, uses the essentially the same methodology it did when it was invented in the 1980s. But threats evolve, and so should our solutions.

How Old Protection Works

Traditional antivirus solutions use a blacklist—a list of sites that the program knows are dangerous—and blocks them when a program matches one in their blacklist.

But those programs and files are still allowed to run, and often the threat isn’t detected until it’s too late, if at all.

How VoodooShield Works

VoodooShield blocks all new, non-whitelisted executable code while the computer is at risk, due to a web app running, unless you specifically allow it to run. In other words, VoodooShield works with whitelist technology, not blacklist technology, giving you complete control with just a click.


Virtually all malware and viruses attack through web applications.

There is never a good reason to let new, non-whitelisted executable code run while a web app is running.  In other words, if your computer is running a web app, it is at risk, so it needs to be locked.

That’s what VoodooShield does. The desktop shield gadget sits on your desktop, and automatically toggles to on and locks your computer when a web app is launched.  You can also left click on the gadget to toggle the lock on or off to lock your computer down, preventing anything that is not whitelisted from running. 

The desktop shield gadget serves three purposes.  First, it gives the user quick access to the locking mechanism so they are able to lock and unlock their computer quickly, with a simple click.  Second, it lets the user know the status of the lock a all times.  Third, it gives the user a sense of security so they are able to browse the internet and check email with confidence.

When VoodooShield automatically toggles to on, it takes a snapshot of everything that’s running on your computer. Those apps will continue to run as normal, but any new programs or files that try to run won’t, because the executable code is automatically blocked.

Whitelist trusted apps
When you need to run a program that’s blocked, simply add it to the whitelist.  If VoodooShield blocks a file, it is automatically uploaded for analysis with 57+ of the top continuously updated blacklist antivirus providers, before the user decides whether to run the new file or not.  You can also scan a file simply by dragging and dropping it to the VoodooShield desktop shield gadget.

So, so easy to use
Whitelisting technology has been tried before, but it’s never been user-friendly enough to be adopted by the masses. VoodooShield is a simple desktop shield gadget that sits on your desktop. Turn it on, and you’re protected. Turn it off, and your computer is no longer locked.

It’s so simple and so effective that our users regularly tell us how much they love using VoodooShield. When was the last time you heard that about an antivirus application?

Keep your existing antivirus
VoodooShield will not remove malicious applications. You can still use your antivirus app to do that. VoodooShield is simply an added layer of protection. Where antivirus falls short, VoodooShield is there to fill in the gap.


VoodooShield has been in active development since 2011, and we’ve added several thouands of users who have been helping us refine the product. Now, it’s finally ready.

VoodooShield is free for home users, and we also offer a premium commercial version.


Dan Butler, Owner: Dan has owned a computer consulting company since 2000. The idea for VoodooShield struck him one night while removing viruses from a computer, when the virus itself took control of the computer, effectively locking Dan out.

Jim Seaman, Advisor: Jim is a business attorney with more than 35 years of experience and extensive experience with startups.

Contact Information:

Dan Butler
Jim Seaman

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