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Oct 14, 2015 10:10 AM ET

Archived: The Skreens Nexus: everything you want on one display: Real-time HD compositing for gaming consoles, streaming devices and cameras — 1080p with absolutely no lag!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2015

Introducing Skreens

Skreens is a revolutionary way to bring all of your devices together on one display in 1080p/60 with no lag. This lets you bring your XB1, PS4, Chromecast, Roku, GoPro or any HDMI source into a single view that makes gaming awesome and streaming better than anything.

Streamers will be blown away by the capabilities — unlimited video frames composited together in real time. Output your game and camera and web to Twitch or YouTube or just make every pixel count on your 4K display.

Skreens is great for sports
Skreens is great for sports

Streamers and Gamers Rave About Skreens

Skreens has been previewed at multiple PAX events to great response, and was recently showcased at TwitchCON in San Francisco. This video compiles just a bit of the best feedback we’ve received so you can see how people that actually have seen the product react.

Skreens is Amazing for Streamers

Streamers Will Want to Go Pro 

The Nexus Pro units contain all of the same features of the standard Nexus units PLUS you get universal remote control capabilities via the Skreens Controller App for iOS or Android, streaming audio over WiFi/BT, full access to the Developer API, easy plug-in to OBS, and all of the streamer must-haves like video scaling, priority, cropping, chroma-key, transparency!

 Even the simple stuff is better with Skreens

The last thing anyone wants to do is keep turning away from the biggest display in their house to keep looking at the most active — but smallest — display, your phone. With Skreens, use the embedded Chromium browser to connect with any content you want.

Audio Controls

Skreens supports audio on all inputs. The user can select the primary audio channel to transmit out the HDMI and optical S/PDIF outputs to your home audio system – all other audio outputs are available as streaming output via WiFi. You can stream audio channels to your iPhone or tablet to listen on your individual earbuds or headphones.

What Makes Skreens Unique

Skreens is powered by patent-pending innovation at the silicon layer — the Skreens Media Accelerator — which is both designed and manufactured here in the United States. This is one of the most powerful FPGA chips available, with the horsepower to blend together almost unlimited high definition streams into a single interface — all in real time. So you get zero lag along with the ability to customize virtually any part of the interface to combine windows from different devices or the web. And your favorite second- and third-screen experiences get seamlessly blended into an incredible, new first-screen experience.

How Skreens Will Work for You

The Problem We are Solving

Every one of us is constantly switching. Watching the game, but checking our phone. Typing away on our laptop while our tablet bleeps for attention. And every time we switch its because we just missed something important. When experiences are fragmented, they’re useless. Skreens solves this problem by bringing everything together into a seamless, simple user experience.

With Skreens, you choose how to spend your time and only watch what entertains you. Blend your content to suit you. Don’t find yourself choosing between streaming and chatting, watching the game or playing a game. Make yourself a better gamer by having all the tools you need one the screen, at one time when you’re competing: game, game guides, codes, videos and chat rooms. Be a more active sports fan as you can watch the game, check up on your fantasy roster and trash talk on Twitter. Watch the Oscars while browsing Pinterest…the possibilities are endless.

Assemble Your Layouts, Save at Will

Everything you create on Skreens is saved in your personal settings, so the web browser connected to the gaming console connected to your Skype session can all be put right back in place with only a tap. The Skreens Controller app for iOS and Android makes it absolutely trivial to navigate around the interface and assemble the experience you want. 

For streamers, you can access the Skreens API directly to connect to your broadcast software. So you can stitch together everything you want in real-time into the composition you want.

The Skreens NexusTwo 

The Skreens NexusTwo - actual enclosure may vary
The Skreens NexusTwo – actual enclosure may vary

The Skreens NexusFour

The Skreens NexusFour (actual enclosure may vary)
The Skreens NexusFour (actual enclosure may vary)

Lon Reviews Skreens!

The Skreens Technology

Marc Todd, the Inventor, Founder and CEO of Skreens, walks through the technology that makes Skreens possible. Want to know all of the details? Check out his walkthrough right from the engineer’s bench!

Find Our How Skreens Came To Life

Marc Todd, Inventor, Founder and CEO of Skreens, talks about how Skreens was created and the team that’s been involved in its creation.

Watch the Skreens NexusTwo and NexusFour In Action

Small, aren’t these? Great walkthrough of the differences between the NexusTwo and the NexusFour.

The Skreens Tech Team

Shep Siegel – Sr. Circuit Designer/Electrical Engineer
CTO Atomic Rules, Mercury Computer
Broadcast Video Expert and Emmy award winner for outstanding engineering achievement
Senior Member of the IEEE, member of the ACM, SIGDA, TC-FPGA

Aaron Severance – Circuit Designer/Electrical Engineer
PhD in Electrical Engineering from UBC
Video and Circuit Design Expert 

John Miller – Sr. Firmware/Software Engineer
BSEE Electrical Engineering from UMass Lowell
Embedded systems, embedded Linux and hardware driver expert

David E. Acker – Broadcast Electrical Engineer/Hardware PCB Design Engineer
Engineering VP – Broadcast Pix Inc.
Elected SMPTE Fellow in 1992
BSEE Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – MSEE Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lynn Birch – Product and System Architecture
BSEE, University of Rhode Island
MS, Business Innovation Northeastern University

Arash Payan – Sr. iOS/Android Application Engineer
“Visionary Byte Pusher”
BS/MS Computer Science, University of Southern California

Tim Zerrip – Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Owner Out-of-the-Box Design and enclosure design expert

Elizabeth Jordan — Skreens Vancouver

Judy Pagliuca  Member of Skreens Board of Directors
Managing Director of PagsGroup Fund

Thanks to our Partners and Supporters


Special Thanks To:

David Wright

Marc Clement

Paul Kusiak

Liz Jordan

The Skreens Community

We are extremely passionate about giving a voice to our customers. Customers today have more information and say than ever before. At Skreens, we aim to break down existing stereotypes and viewing models and create an experience driven by our customers. If you’re interested in developing HTML5 applications for our platform, we’d love to hear from you. If that’s not your cup of tea, you’re in luck, you can benefit from others that do. You can download our HTML5 applications and enhance your experience even further, or simply create your SkreensTV templates and layouts. Simply send us a message via our Kickstarter page to find out more details!

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