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Oct 14, 2015 1:27 PM ET

Archived: Insiders Sports, Inc.: a digital sports media company that creates original sports content for the web, mobile and broadcast

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2015

Insiders Sports, Inc.

Insiders Sports, Inc. Logo

We are a digital sports media company that creates original sports content for the web, mobile and broadcast. We have nearly two decades of experience in this space with a recognized staff and substantial audience.

We currently have two verticals running in basketball and football with more verticals planned post funding to expand into baseball, hockey, lifestyle and potentially soccer.

Revenues come from four revenue streams – display ads, premium partnerships, video display revenue and branded content sales, all of which are in place and running.

We are open to discussion on investment structure for the right partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Us Different?

Most of the sports content on the web today is one of two flavors – Major Media (ESPN) or fan-driven (Fan Blogs). We are neither. We have the relationships and reach of a major media company but the flexibility to feed the die-hard sports fan in ways that the major media simply doesn’t want to do or the that fan-driven content can’t do. We have deep relationships with players, coaches and executives and we leverage those relationships to tell bigger, deeper and more informed stories than our competition. We also leverage those relationships into exclusive content for the web, mobile and video. In a world of aggregated content, we are truly original content producers and Insiders in sports. That has made us popular among fans, and even more so among brand marketers.

Why Invest With Us?

The current investment landscape is ripe for content producers like us. Recent valuations for like-minded content companies have eclipsed the billion dollar mark. We are building a platform that should draw a sizable valuation once complete and should present many attractive options for early investors either to exit during a future funding round or to be part of a M&A deal down the road.

Products / Services

Digital Content

We produce daily original sports content from inside the professional teams and leagues we cover. This includes written articles, social content, and video content . Our team of writers and content producers have been in this space for more than a decade on average and have established brands and credibly among fans.

We generate revenue against the traffic those content elements generate with display advertising, direct sold ad campaigns, video pre-roll ads and direct partnerships with brands.

Branded Content

More brands are moving toward telling stories through branded content versus traditional advertising.

Traditional marketing vehicles are becoming less effective in capturing and engaging the attention of today’s perpetually connected and intelligent consumer.

Insiders Sports has specifically shifted toward this movement by creating a team that sells branded written and video content in partnership with brands.

This is a new and fairly untapped market for Insiders Sports.

We are currently working with brands such as McDonald’s, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Wilson and Gatorade with many more conversations on going.


Video is a vital part of our content plan. We do not view video disparately from written content.

All of our writers and content producers play a role in creating compelling and original video.

We produce content from inside locker rooms, at events and as standalone commentary and event reporting.

Our model includes deploying video kits into every market we cover and capturing as much original, interview-driven material as possible.

We produce video in-house, and have man power and resources dedicated to video as part of our content expense.

In a given year we will produce more than 700 original video content pieces.

Long-Form Broadcast Video

Long-form and documentary style video is an area with a great deal of potential, not only in terms of user interest and traffic but in branded content and syndication.

Insiders Sports will be building out “Insiders Originals” – which will be longer form, webisode, television-quality content.

Leveraging our access and relationships, we have a number of long-form projects in development.

We have relationships with Turner Sports, Relativity Media and Fox Sports and are having ongoing discussions about long-form distribution.

Contact Information:

Steve Kyler

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