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Oct 14, 2015 5:10 PM ET

Archived: A MINIVAN FOR THE FUTURE OF PORTUGUESE TENNIS: Heroes of today raise funds to offer a transportation van to future champions!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 14, 2015


Being aware of all the sacrifices that come in the way of those who want to become professionals, and specially the athlete’s families sacrifices, the Portuguese Association of Tennis Players (AJTP) – whose presidency is chaired by the National Champion, Rui Machado – decided to invest in a project that will help to consolidate the foundations of the Portuguese tennis. Pointed to those youngsters who begin their journey under the umbrella of thePortuguese Tennis Federation, the main purpose is to help them develop their talent, creating the most perfect conditions for them to fulfill their potential.

From the array of expenses that are part of an athlete progression, a considerable amount of money is used with travel expenses. This crowd funding project, now being launched by the AJTP, is set to raise funds that will enable the acquisition of a minivan (nine seats) – which will support the various departments of the Portuguese Tennis, but mainly will allow players to travel to and from competitions, such as international tournaments,  national teams competitions, etc.

With that in mind, and above all relying on the direct involvement of some of the best national tennis players – who generously contribute to this project with some valuable objects of their personal collection, and in many cases, some of their personal time to reward investors – invites the AJTP all stakeholders to embrace this cause, helping to prepare the future of tomorrow’s champions!


In order to bring this project to fruition, the AJTP raise awareness to this cause from some of our best tennis players, who from the beginning have said “yes” to the idea, and are willing “to give back to tennis what tennis has given them”.

In the variety of items that will contribute to this fund raising, investors will find personal collection of rackets replicas from João Sousa, the first Portuguese ever to win an ATP World Tour event (Kuala Lumpur, 2013); fromFrederico Gil, the first Portuguese ever to play the final of an ATP World Tour event (Estoril Open, 2010); from Rui Machado, who recently played the second round at the Estoril Open; and also from Maria João Koehler, who in 2013 has played the second round of the Australian Open.

Also among the rewards, special mention to exclusive tennis workout sessions (30’) with some of the best national tennis players, including Frederico Silva, the only Portuguese ever to win a Grand Slam tournament; not forgetting of course other memorabilia ranging from João Sousa’s signed polo shirt to players autographs.

Last but not least, important to remember that the minivan itself will work as a communication platform for those wishing to invest in the project. Don’t forget to check on the rewards details what suits best within your investment.

We then rely on the help of everyone, so that tomorrow’s champions can live their dreamed future. 

Contact Information:

Associação de Jogadores de Ténis de Portugal

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