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Oct 11, 2015 2:46 PM ET

Archived: MANANA FESTIVAL – Santiago de Cuba, May 2016. Make it happen: MANANA is a non-profit festival connecting Afro-Cuban Folkloric music with the pioneers of the International Electronic music community

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 11, 2015

With the end of the US embargo in sight, these are exciting and incredibly fragile times on the island. MANANA 2016 is an inclusive and collaborative festival built on the deep love and mutual respect we all have for rhythm.

By creating an environment of free expression and cultural exchange, our hope is that MANANA 2016 will live on in the new music, conversations and collaborations that started here. 

We believe that an international electronic music audience will find inspiration in Afro-Cuban folkloric music, and that Cuba’s powerful blend of rhythm, flow and feeling will enrich the development of electronic music and its community. In return, MANANA 2016 will be an opportunity for Cubans to share their incredible cultural heritage, collaborate, and use technology to take their musical development in new directions.

We are here on Kickstarter today because we need your help to preserve and develop both Afro-Cuban and electronic music. Our first step is to launch MANANA 2016, a festival that brings together both communities, creating a legacy that lives long beyond the event.

500 tickets sold will make this festival happen, but remember, your money won’t be taken unless we hit our funding goal. Keep reading to find out what we have planned atMANANA 2016!

We are MANANA • CUBA, and in May 2016 we want to take you on a new kind of adventure. Join us in the musical barrios of our cultural capital, Santiago de Cuba, for a pioneering celebration of community, collaboration and dance.

With your help, MANANA • CUBA will connect Afro-Cuban Folkloric masters to the global electronic music community in the first festival of its kind.

MANANA 2016 has already been approved by the Cuban Government, and will run from the 4th – 6th May in the historic cultural capital of Santiago de Cuba. 

The festival will take place in the incredible Heredia complex, but we will also be providing access to the courtyards, house parties, street carnivals and processions that give the city its musical soul.

MANANA 2016 will include a carefully curated line-up of Cuban and international legends, plus breakthrough artists that match the ethos of the project. Alongside the performances, we will be working with artists and technology partners to deliver a program of music workshops, seminars and talks that will run over the three days.

We are partnered with some of Cuba’s principal cultural institutions, and have teamed up with leading underground events organiser Hydra and the wise heads at No-Nation, who will be helping us secure a ground-breaking lineup the more money we raise.

These are the exceptionally kind names that have already agreed to play if this Kickstarter is a success. With every additional ticket sold we’ll be adding to this list, so pledge a dollar and we’ll make sure you’re the first to get the next artist developments! 

  • Dubstep pioneer, Mala
  • Puerto Rican electronic rumba act, Grupo ÌFÉ
  • Tropical DJ’s, Sofrito
  • “Godfather” of Cuban drumming, Galis
  • Santiago rumba masters, Obba Tuke
  • The legendary Compañía Ballet Folclórico de Oriente

Check out a quick summary of the music below, and if you want to play or have any recommendations don’t hesitate to get in touch:

 miniatura de video del proyecto

The first 50 tickets are available now at an extremely discounted early bird price, so don’t miss out!

Buying your ticket now will give us a massive boost towards making MANANA 2016 a reality; we’ll get more press, confirm more artists and secure additional support from sponsors, but most importantly, each ticket sold on Kickstarter will allow us to subsidise entry for Cuban residents.

MANANA 2016 is about community, friendship and connecting with your musical peers – we have decided to cap international ticket sales at 500 to ensure we preserve a personal atmosphere.

Check out this playlist of 15 scenes from the city of Santiago de Cuba:

We have partnered with the ethical travel company, Caledonia Worldwide to give you a taste of Cuba’s diverse range of deserted white beaches, rugged mountains, urban centres and colonial villages.

As well as the festival itself, we want you to leave Cuba with a deep cultural understanding of the island. Caledonia Worldwide will be on-hand to advise you on booking flights, finding accommodation, organising US travel permits and getting off the beaten track. For the next few months flights to Cuba will be incredibly good value, and the cost of travelling in Cuba is much cheaper than you might think…

For advice & information check out the Caledonia Worldwide // MANANA 2016 page.

[1] Fishing in the East, [2] Alain enjoying a swim, [3] Santiago de Cuba, [4] The deserted beaches of Baracoa
[1] Fishing in the East, [2] Alain enjoying a swim, [3] Santiago de Cuba, [4] The deserted beaches of Baracoa

Although our MANANA • CUBA family is growing quickly, it all started with two friends setting up a studio in Santiago: Harry and Alain.

Setting up the studio in Santiago de Cuba
Setting up the studio in Santiago de Cuba

For us MANANA has grown out of a sense of community and friendship. But most importantly it’s about making music.

We met when Harry moved to Alain’s home town of Santiago de Cuba. Together we built a temporary open doors studio where we recorded influential folkloric musicians, and experimented with the local sound. We soon realised that we wanted to do something that would have a lasting impact on Cuba’s musical legacy, and with the help of our third founder and project manager, Jenner, MANANA • CUBA was born.

We believe that the most exciting thing about MANANA is the legacy it will leave. The shortage of recording facilities means that much of the music found at carnivals, in bars and on street corners never leaves the island. 

Once the festival is complete, our goal is to set up a permanent studio space in Santiagothat will be the home of International exchange programmes and collaborations for years to come.

We have spent an intense 10 months working with an amazing team in Cuba & the UK putting this together. Now we need your help to giveMANANA 2016 life. Join us to listen, dance and perform as part of theMANANA community. Below are some ways you can make it happen:

Each ticket sold for MANANA 2016 is a huge vote of confidence in our project, and will give us a massive boost towards making this a reality. We want the festival to be an intimate affair so we have decided to cap international ticket sales at 500. 

We are releasing our first 50 tickets at an extremely discounted early bird price, so don’t miss out!

MANANA • CUBA is more than a festival, and over the next year, we’ll be releasing exclusive music and merchandise, and throwing parties with collaborations between Cuban & Electronic musicians. However much you pledge, we’ll make sure you’re a part of the MANANAcommunity.

Join us on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube or our mailing list for exclusive music, tales from Cuba, travel tips, competitions and news of upcoming shows.

We’re always on the lookout for talented and passionate people to work with. If you’re a sponsor that wants to support what we are doing, an artist that believes in the music, or you are interested in being a part of the MANANA 2016 team, please please please get in touch!

MANANA • CUBA is only as big as our community. Share our story, give us your advice and help us make this happen!

Check out this playlist of short interviews with Cuban Rumba legends, Obba Tuke discussing their thoughts on “manana”, the people of Santiago and what it means play the rumba: 

The amount of positive feedback and support we have received so far has been humbling. These are a few of the amazing people that have helped us on our way:

Contact Information:

Harry Jenner
Alain Garcia Artola

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