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Archived: Subhan: A new tool for dhikr

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Even though we have such a large Ummah (ما شاء الله) we have not seen much in the form of new, innovative and uniquely designed products. Our history is rich with huge contributions to the fields of modern science, finance, medicine and we believe it is about time that something new in the tech hardware space be added to the list. With this in mind we thought it was about time someone started building beautiful things for Muslims.

And so the journey to design and build Subhan began in early 2015. Together in just over 6 months our team of three has gone from the concept phase to building an early prototype. It has a been a long road and with this LaunchGood campaign we are excited to provide our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world the chance to get their hands on Subhan!

Subhan is a beautiful new tool for Muslims to use in performing dhikr.  

For over 1400 years, Muslims have used their fingers and traditional tesbihs made of beads when performing their acts of remembrance of Allah. With the invention of Subhan we have built something that fuses the technology of today with designs inspired from Islam’s Golden Age whilst staying true to the act of dhikr (remembrance of Allah). 

Subhan is a truly unique product that combines the beauty of Islamic design with advanced electronics to provide the user a simple experience.

It is not only wonderful to look at but has advanced features such as haptic feedback and detailed textures on the outer ring that provide a solid feeling for the user when in use.

We designed Subhan so it would be easy to use for Muslims of all ages. When using Subhan you rotate it as you would a traditional sibha with your fingers. 

Subhan provides haptic feedback with each movement and 11 discrete positions on the outer ring and the high quality digital LCD keeps track of your progress. 

We designed Subhan with the mobility in mind – it is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse making it convenient for every day carry. 


Our team began this journey together because as Muslims we wanted to make beautiful things for  Islamic products that the Ummah can benefit from. We have invested a lot of time and effort in designing, testing and building Subhan – it has been a long road from just an idea to an actual prototype. 


We will be delivering Subhan to all contributors Eid (early July) 2016 .

Even if you are unable to participate we would please ask you to share word of Subhan with you friends and family.

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