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Oct 9, 2015 10:10 AM ET

Archived: Agrican: a medical marijuana cultivation and distribution company, licensed in the state of Arizona

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 9, 2015


Agrican Logo

We are a medical marijuana cultivation and distribution company, licensed in the state of Arizona.

Our product sells for more than $500 per pound higher than our next-best competitor, due to superior product, marketing, and sales & customer service. Our product also tests within the top 3% of products in the state.

Our first operation currently operates profitably under a joint-venture agreement with another license, giving us authorization to use their license as their exclusive grower-cultivator for a term-period contract under a revenue-sharing plan.

Our relationships with other medical marijuana dispensary retail customers has allowed us to obtain the opportunity to secure for ourselves a state-approved medical marijuana license.

There are currently 87 state-approved licenses in Arizona, and it is unlikely that the lottery in May of 2015 for the 20-30 leftover licenses will produce any additional competition due to the zoning difficulties these 20-30 leftover licenses have faced in obtaining an approved building that meets the city and state’s stringent zoning requirements.

Obtaining a license to operate in this new and rapidly growing industry under favorable pricing and terms has been a very difficult challenge due to the limited number of licenses available, and due to the profitability of this type of business. Based upon other sales for licenses in the state, the anticipated purchase price for the license is considered by most insiders in the industry to be a very good price.


Products / Services

Medical Marijuana

Our Medical Marijuana products sell for over $3200 per pound. We have over 30 different strains – all high quality.

Contact Information:

Brig Burton

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