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Oct 8, 2015 12:10 PM ET

EVPA Conference Collaborates for Social Impact

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 8, 2015


BERLIN, Germany — The Soho Loft Media Group supported the annual philanthropy conference organized by the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) on 17-18 November 2014 in Berlin.

The 10th Annual EVPA Conference took place in Berlin, Germany. Over 500 attendees at the conference – social investors, venture philanthropists, academicians and other supporting organizations from across Europe and other parts of the globe converged in varied locations within Pariser Platz, a square in the middle of Berlin, in Brandenburger Tur to discuss the theme, ‘Collaborating for Social Impact: the next 10 years’.

Oliver Gadja, co-founder of European Crowdfunding Network, moderated the panel that highlighted the best practices and challenges of crowdfunding. It all pieced together the opportunities that crowdfunding offers in scaling impact investing and philanthropy and in reaching beyond high-net worth individuals and accredited investors.

As the Founder and Chairman of Victoria Global, The Soho Loft Media Group and LDJ Capital, David Drake says, “Philanthropy and impact investing are the backbones of crowdfunding. The internet and the online crowdfunding platforms on giving have magnified the ways and means that can reach anyone from all over the world, both those who need financial assistance and those who want to send their aid and seed fund in a fast and effective way. The offline advocates of a cause or social enterprise have to take their support online to serve as the water that will prime the pump.”

The conference agenda consisted of joint and thematic breakout sessions focussed on varied topics that include crowdfunding, government regulations, family philanthropy and measuring its impact. Day one focused more on reflecting and learning from the past 10 years. The conference sessions started at 13:30pm with joint sessions featuring speeches on “Official 10th EVPA Annual Conference Opening” given by Pieter Oostlander, EVPA Chairman and “Reflecting on the Journey: the last 10 years” discussed by Jordi Vaquer, Open Society Initiative for Europe Director. These were followed by a series of breakout sessions where attendees explored topics such as “What makes a good venture philanthropy transaction?”, “Attracting more capital from Venture Philanthropy”, “Essentials of Venture Philanthropy”, “Challenges in the Venture Philanthropy Ecosystem” and much more.

On day two, attendees had more forward looking discussions geared towards setting direction for the next 10 years. Joint session discussions revolved around “Collaborating for Social Impact: The next 10 years” and “Pitching Specials” where selected organizations presented their cases. Attendees participated in breakout sessions on topics such as “Venture Philanthropy: the next 10 years”, “Harnessing G8 Momentum” and “Role of Research in Building Stronger Impact over the next 10 years”.

There were 110 conference speakers, and included:

Adele Blakebrough, CEO of Social Business Trust

Alex Budak , Country Manager of Reach for Change

Andreas Zeiselmair, Co-Founder of Mobile Hydro

Cyrille Antignac, Co-Founder of Uberis Capital

Filippo Addarii, Director of International Strategy & Head of EuropeLab, The Young Foundation

Frank van Beuningen, Founder of PYMWYMIC

Gerry Salole, Chief Executive of European Foundation Centre (EFC)

Guenther Benischek, Head of Social Banking at Erste Bank

Johan H. Andresen, Chairman of Ferd Social Entrepreneurs

Kelly Aine , Head of Financial Sector & Investor Engagement of Big Society Capital

Luciano Balbo, Founder and Chairman of Oltre Venture

Priscilla Boiardi, Research Manager of EVPA

Ron van den Akker, Innovations Manager of Child & Youth Finance International

Tanya Accone, Senior Advisor on Innovation of United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Veronica Vecchi, SDA Professor of Public Management and Policy in Bocconi School of Management

The conference was organized by EVPA, an association of organizations that are either practising or are interested in social investing and venture philanthropy throughout Europe. According to EVPA’s CEO Kurt Peleman, venture philanthropy has to do with monitoring performance and impact as well as finding long-term monetary and non-monetary support.

The conference is sponsored by Allianz StiftungForum Pariser Platz, Bertelsmann Stiftung, BMW Foundation (Herbert Quandt), Bonventure, Halder , Siemens Stiftung and Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland. Media Partners for this conference are Fundraiser Magazine and Alliance .

Attendees were treated to after-conference networking dinners and drinks, as well as the celebration dinner at the Bertelsman Stiftung.

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