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Oct 7, 2015 12:32 PM ET

Archived: ARUSPIKA: Nubiran – The Planet Of Love

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 7, 2015


Hi, I’m Maria, I’m the singer of the Aruspika band, composed of five musicians, performing Italian bluesinspired music, and we would like to realize our second album.

Aruspika is a way of reading in little everyday things the deepest feelings, such as the emotions that come from the heart, that keep us going on and guide us in the decisions of life. It’s our way to tell thees emotions by music.

Two words hide in our band name: first one is acoustic, the sound that marked our songs since the beginning, based on Maria Ghelfi’s voice with Marco Zoccarato’s acoustic guitar; the second word is haruspices, the ancient oracles that could see into the future. We don’t pretend we can see into the future, but we love to think that Aruspika could be a good auspice for a future full of music and beautiful emotions.

Our story begun some years ago (2008) when, just the two of us, we started writing our first songs and playing them in our live shows. The project begun to grow thanks to our friends and audience’s encouragement, and took us so far away, when our first album Non Sono Io (2012) was presented in the United States (2014) by several concerts and radio interviews. Coming back from our trip the band increased: Lallo Orlandi on acoustic guitar, Davide Gerardi on bass, Nicola Catino on drums. With this new group new songs came out. Thanks to the contribution of our new musicians we could have worked on new sounds, new ideas, new arrangements; we fell more freedom in writing and in live exhibitions.

Now the reason we are on Musicraiser: our new songs found a connection that makes them be part of Aruspika’s new album: Nubiran. The planet Of Love.

This is the title we choose because love is the main theme of our songs. Not only love stories, fine or sad, but also love that keep us hunger on to our memories, moments that made getting stronger, having fun, finding ourselves, or comforting us when we need it. 

Nubiran it’s a fabulous place, it’s amazing going there, you can feel the way you feel when you are in love or when you have your head in the clouds, when you are carefree and you can truly be yourself.

Thanks to Musicraiser we can share our dream with you and make it real together!

It’s easy to support us: you have only to choose one of the rewards we proposed for you.

We are waiting for you up on Nubiran!



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