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Oct 6, 2015 1:29 PM ET

Archived: God and Gigs: You play all kinds of music, You love God – Here’s how you can do both without losing your soul or your sanity

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015

God and Gigs


Do any of the statements below apply to you? 

  • You’re a musician.
  • You’ve served in a church on a music ministry. 
  • You’ve played other kinds of music outside the church as part of your job. 
  • You’ve had to deal with struggles regarding your faith, your relationships, and your career inside and outside of the church. 

If you are one of these musicians, this book is for you.

 I’m asking for your help to make it available to every musician like you. 

Why this book is needed

As a musician firmly planted in the church, but also working as a professional in other styles, I’ve found many of my colleagues express similar frustrations with balancing our work load, growing our faith, and maintaining our relationships with our families. However, when I looked for resources to help, they were all either entirely for church musicians and music ministries, or entirely for secular musicians. There were no materials that addressed the specific concerns of musicians that play in both arenas. Now, with you help, there will be. 

What God and Gigs Will Provide 

God and Gigs will provide Christian musicians with 7 practical steps that will help them build their faith, improve their careers, and treasure their relationships.

Every chapter is full of Scriptural references and on-the-job advice from other successful Christian musicians, so every reader will be equipped to handle any musical situation they find themselves in. 


  • Over 20 current Christian music professionals have provided quotes, interviews, and advice for use in the manuscript. These musicians have worked with artists such as:
    • Julio Iglesias
    • Take 6
    • Flo Rida
    • Donnie McClurkin
    • Jon Secada
    • Tasha Cobbs
    • Martha Munizzi and many others.
  • Examples throughout the book deal with real-life career issues for musicians by applying biblical principles.
  • Easy to follow steps will help musicians to quickly find answers to every day issues.

What issues does God and Gigs address?

  • Keeping your faith alive and strong while in the music industry
  • Balancing your church ministry and professional performances 
  • Working with Church leadership 
  • Staying connected to family 
  • Marriage and Musicians
  • Handling Church Business and Music Business
  • Building Up your Music Skills
  • Marketing and Branding 
  • Maximizing your Influence as a Christian musician 

What do you gain by joining this campaign? 

You become a partner in helping to impact the lives of Christian musicians that want to strengthen their faith, improve their careers, and treasure their relationships. 

Oh, and you get cool stuff. Before anyone else does. 

The book. 

God and Gigs merchandise made exclusively for this campaign.

Exclusive access to the musicians that are profiled in God and Gigs. 

By joining our effort, you can help us reach more people and make an impact on the Christian creative community. 

You can see some of the book’s excerpts and interviews atwww.GodandGigs.com

Thank you for helping to make God and Gigs a reality. 



Contact Information:

Allen C. Paul

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