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Oct 6, 2015 4:48 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Oct 6, 2015



Europe’s new ski portal!

Help us create the “tripadvisor-like” site that is customized for skiers and snowboarders – and help us review hotels and resorts and earn free stays! 


What We Need & What You Get

We are building a website that will be relevant to ALL skiers and snowboarders in the world! Who would not want to visit a website that is dedicated for helping its users choose the best places to go skiing or snowboarding? Who would not think it is relevant to read how others rate resorts? Or read their comments on whether they had a lousy, a good or a fabulous holiday in the resort you and your friends are considering? In the start up period we will be focusing on Europe and primarily the Alps – but other continents will definitely follow later!

  • First of all – a site like this did not exist before we launched www.wheretogoskiing.com in October 2015!
  • For marketing the site on social medias, we need as much funding as possible – the more awareness we can create, the more traffic we generate and the more interest we create for hotels and resorts to advertise on the site or ask us (you) to review them. 
  • If you have an interest in this, you are probably a dedicated skier or snowboarder and then you have visited lots of ski resorts – we want you to rate them and write your reviews – users are the ones creating the content of the site.
  • No matter if we reach 1000 USD or 50.000 USD in funding – all of it will be used on promoting the website and build new features.
  • We have been in touch with dozens of hotels already – as soon as we can document a solid amount of users, they are willing to advertise and give away free stays to get a review on the site. As a donor of minimum 50 USD you will be  in the run for getting these free stays.
  • For those of you who donate less, you will become a “WhereToGoSkiing VIP-member” – the VIP status will grant you special deals on accommodations, merchandise, clothing and equipment. For all our contributors we will create a VIP club and pamper you with special treatment on whatever deals we manage to generate based on the success of the website. We won’t forget who backed us and believed in us!


Other Ways You Can Help

If you don’t want to donate cash for our project you can still help us! Visit www.wheretogoskiing.com and rate the resorts you have visited and write your reviews! Our site is “from one skier to another” – so your ratings and reviews are worth a lot to others!

Contact Information:

Michael Petersen

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