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Oct 5, 2015 4:34 PM ET

Archived: LowCalRize: Lower Your Rice Calorie

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2015

LowCalRize: Lower Your Rice Calorie

Why LowCalRize

Based on United States National Nutrient Database, rice has the biggest calorie compared to other staple food like potato, wheat, and cassava. It means, rice will make you fat easier and faster. Moreover, A study in 2012 shows that consumption of rice can increase your diabetes risk. However, most of us eat rice daily as staple foods.

LowCalRize can reduce the calorie intake from cooked rice, whatever type of rice you eat. It can reduce your calorie intake from rice up to 45%. this means, you can still eat rice as usual but gaining less calorie without much effort.

Not only that

LowCalRize also comes with other benefit. It can keep your rice fresh longer up to 24 hours. Usually, rice will spoiled and change the colour in 5 hours (in room temperature).

It easy and fast. Just put a tablespoon of LowCalRize in your rice right before you cook it. After cooked, wait several minutes until the vapor boil away and the rice colder. Then, you can eat it.

Usually the starchy carbohydrates in rice are broken down in the small intestine where they become glucose and are eventually stored as fat. Cooked rice mainly contain of starch. For nutritional purposes, starch has been classified into rapidly digestible starch (RDS), slowly digestible starch (SDS), and resistant starch (RS), to differentiate its digestion properties in food products. 

LowCalRize can turn the digestible starch in rice into resistance starch. So it will pass through the body without becoming fat. It works because the oil substance in LowCalRize enters the starch granules during cooking, essentially changing their structure so that they are no longer affected by digestive enzymes. So fewer calories are absorbed into the body.


Risks & Challenges

Our biggest challenge is gathering the finances to launch the product into the market to the highest standard.

We have created a project that helps people to healthy lives but currently we are not in the financial position to employ industry experts and marketers to launch the product with the impact we would like. This Indiegogo will greatly help as a solution to this problem. We will also be working tirelessly to promote this product.

We created and believes in this product and we have a small team of people who will make massive efforts to make this LowCalRize success!

Contact Information:

Thontowi Suhada
Ahsan Raza
de ipan abdulrahman
Arya Rudhita

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