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Oct 5, 2015 10:17 AM ET

Archived: CheckMate Careers – eHarmony Meets LinkedIn: A New Way to Job Search

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 5, 2015

CheckMate Careers is like eHarmony mixed with LinkedIn. We bring match-making algorithms and video introductions to the job search world to perfectly match employers with employees.

The traditional Indeed/LinkedIn model for job searching is broken; CheckMate Careers has taken the features that work and added completely new elements that help qualified job seekers like you land your dream job.

We all know the feeling: landing the right job or career is difficult. Job search boards are often outdated, competition is fierce, employers don’t have time to look through hundreds of applicants, and all the while, you’re left waiting, wondering if and when you’ll ever hear back from anyone.

Some job seekers try to enlist the help of headhunters, but in a society where who you know helps more than what you know, this doesn’t help much either.

What if there was a job marketplace where employers were guaranteed to call you back? What if there was a website where you knew the employer on the other end was just as interested in finding you as you are about them? What if all it took to land your dream job was a little match-making based on your specific preferences and skills?

Our instant video interview feature allows job hunters to schedule interviews with potential employers through Google Calendars. This quick and easy process allows employees to showcase their personality and saves the employer time and money by not conducting countless hours of in-person interviews.

Before you schedule these interviews, you’ll be guided to jobs that match your stated preferences – location, salary, 401K plan, spousal insurance, daycares, bring your dog to work days, etc. Think of CheckMate Careers as eHarmony and LinkedIn getting together and creating your perfect match job – the one you can grow old and happily spend the rest of your days with.

Accountability, or lack thereof, is a huge missing piece in the current job search platforms. Employers have no incentive to get back to candidates and know nothing will happen to them if they leave hundreds of people hanging.

With CheckMate, accountability is built in. Prospective employers are required to respond within a certain time frame. This ensures job seekers can at least move on with their lives if the opportunity doesn’t work out.

All users create a profile on CheckMate Careers. But here’s the kicker: profiles are visible to everyone, but you have the option of using a screen name and don’t have to upload a photo of yourself. This allows the focus to be where it should be: on your education, work experience, and accomplishments.

A platform like CheckMate Careers is needed now more than ever. If you haven’t noticed, America is back, people! Employment is on the rise, the economy is doing well, and more opportunities are opening up every day.

During the Great Recession, unemployment was up to 10% across the country. While it’s near impossible to eradicate unemployment altogether, today, we’re at an impresive 5.5%, on par with the rest of the developed world. The amount of people getting back to work is growing every day. The demand for a limited supply of highly skilled workers is increasing dramatically as well.

CheckMate is taking social recruiting to a whole new level.

We have three target customers:

CheckMate serves the needs of everyone from recent college graduates to executives who are looking to advance their career or find the right opportunity.

CheckMate Careers has created a tiered service model with a la carte items to boost your profile.

Many of the services we offer are brand new to the industry. Our a la carte pricing means you pay for things you want, while skipping the ones you don’t need.

We are currently developing our prototype. We are friends with an executive producer who is going to put together a marketing video for us. Our Business Development Officer, Dr. Levy, has connects with celebrities who we can leverage to gain traction once the product launches as well.

In addition to those connections, we will gain brand visibility through a multitude of online branding strategies as well as memorabilia which will bring attention to the name, brand, and culture of CheckMate Careers. Branding will not be limited to the U.S. as ultimately we would like to expand globally and provide job resources for those overseas as well.

Scott has methodically studied and learned from social elite figures, as well as many family, friends and relatives that have succeeded in starting their own ventures. Inspiration in entrepreneurship started at a young age as he saw and heard the intricacies of business on a personal level. Scott is a self made entrepreneur whose always had intuition for problem solving real life issues, no matter the scale.

Scott oversees all daily business activities and plans foreseeable progress and progression at CheckMate. Scott D’Ambrosio graduated from a top university, but like many of his generation, couldn’t find a job. He is intelligent, hardworking, and well-connected, but even this didn’t seem to matter. He decided to put his entrepreneurship degree to use on his own terms and build a platform to help others just like him.

Dr. Sarit J. Levy has been in the academic and business environments for many years. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Touro University International, as well as a M.S. in management engineering/ computer science from Long Island University in New York. Her B.A. specialized in history as well as comparative literature with a minor in Judaic studies. Dr. Levy has been working as a professor (currently NYU and formerly University of Miami) in the areas of business management, entrepreneurship, new product development, and marketing, innovation, and sustainable business practices for nearly a decade. She has been recognized as a speaker and presenter for several conferences including winning awards, and is published in many scholarly journals.

She has also won grants for her renowned research, and has developed a scale to measure firms both entrepreneurially & innovatively that is being utilized as a predecessor for other research and publications in Latin America, Croatia, Surname, Jamaica, and other developing and established countries.

Dr. Levy does business consulting for start-up as well as established companies in the throughout the U.S., and has been recognized as a top consultant for high profile clientele. Dr. Levy also assists firms and individuals in obtaining intellectual property rights and securing capital through investors for their products and services.She owns a renowned business firm in the U.S., Synergy Strategists that caters to start-ups as well as operational firms.


CheckMate Careers is seeking $15,000 to help finish the development of our groundbreaking website. We plan to conduct an equity fundraise down the road, but for now, we are offering rewards in exchange for your contributions.

If you’re excited about CheckMate Careers and the impact we will have on job seekers and employers, please consider contributing!

$1 or more (I Just Want to Help)
Don’t need our services today, but want to be a part of helping CheckMate Careers? This pledge will help support the Recruiting Technology revolution and bring CheckMate one step closer to placing everyone in the best career position, at all times! Thank you.


$5 or more
Get our Resume Prep downloadable PDF ($15)

$39 or more
Head Hunters pay ONLY $39 monthly instead of the regular price ($50) for one full year!

$75 or more
5 Profile Boosts ($10)
15 Instant Interviews ($75)
1 resume prep downloadable PDF ($15)

$125 or more
10 Profile Boosts ($20)
1 Featured Profile ($10)
15 Instant Interviews ($75)
10 Employer Call Backs ($20)
10 Company Reviews ($50)

$399 or more
Head Hunerts pay ONLY $399 as an upfront fee instead of the regular price ($540) for the year!


$795 or more
Bio Prep for 1 year with 1 hour consulting per month.
Resume Prep for 1 year with 1 hour consulting per month.


$995 or more
775 Profile Boost ($150)
3 Bio Consulting ($300)
3 Resume Consulting ($300)
15 Featured Profiles ($150)
20 Employee Call Backs ($40)
35 Instant Interviews ($175)
Bio Prep Download ($10)
Resume Prep Download ($15)
Head Hunter Consult  ($125)
15 Employee Matches ($75)

If you love what we’re doing, but can’t make a monetary commitment right now, we’d still love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at:

Contact Information:

Scott D´ Ambrosio
Dr. Sarit J. Levy

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