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Oct 4, 2015 9:37 AM ET

Archived: Annual ExposingHope.org Campaign: We have a different way of working, highlighting under reported human rights issues and supporting grassroots efforts

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 4, 2015

Annual ExposingHope.org Campaign

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The three ways in which we go about changing the world (in our own small way) are a combination of the following three practices.  With the support of our donors we:

HIGHLIGHT the people and organizations that are making a difference on the frontlines of under-reported Human Rights issues

DIRECT FUNDS which we raise and allocate to organisations we have personally vetted

MENTOR ORGANISATIONS such that they can do a better job and secure additional funding

The three activities don’t necessarily commence at the same time, but experience has shown that as our relationships grows with local organisations, the best way to work on issues is working at these three levels with in-country partners.

Our approach is slightly different from other organisations, and may not suit all donors or all organisations. We build awareness of under-reported issues through the power of images and inspirational stories from the front lines. Finding the dignity and humanity in situations of violence, we spotlight the human capacity for healing and hope; and connect individuals with tangible and powerful ways to create lasting solutions at the local level.

More detail on our approach is below.

When we work to HIGHLIGHT the people and organizations that are making a difference on the front lines. This means working in inconvenient locations, hard to get to places, which come with any variety of insects, be very hot, very wet, or some combination of all of these.

Our focus is on under-reported human rights abuses, which is simply because there are other (sometimes plenty) of organisations that cover the hot topics. So much is the concentration of attention that some issues are “over funded” and we’ve seen aid organisations fighting with each other to give hand outs. After the issue has gone cold, the problem can be worse than when they arrived, as charity has decimated local efforts, local enterprises that were growing to address the problem.

We only to only go where we are invited, borrowing a well developed learning of the Peace Corps.

We are as careful as possible when entering militarized or unstable areas, of course for our own safety, but also because ‘westerners’ entering the wrong areas can exacerbate local problems.

Our work always starts by observing, sometimes photographing. You can’t take a photo from a desk miles away and you can’t take an honest photo without spending the time to understand the issue. These images are valuable for the local organization to show what they are doing, essential for international donors to see their generosity in action. And in the media we raise the profile, increase the understanding of the issue.

Through the sale of these images, and other fundraisers, we raise money that enables us to DIRECT FUNDSto organizations that are making a positive impact. Importantly we only work with organizations have we have personally vetted.

We allocate funds, to support projects that locals have initiated. We ALWAYS visit our organisations and spend time with them.

We know from experience that money raised to built latrines and schools often results in schools and toilets being built where there is no demand, where there is no supporting infrastructure. Hundred of schools, and thousands of toilets sit empty or have been repurposed in the developing world due to much aid being supply not demand driven.

We also lean towards small organizations with the ability to grow, organisations rooted in their community, with a bias towards organisations run by women. All these organization open their doors to men to be involved. 

Visit WHERE WE WORK to explore our current and past projects.

 Finally, in the process of working with organizations we are able to gain a deeper understanding of organisations and we are proud to have been able to MENTOR ORGANISATIONS to help them do a better job and secure additional funding.

Through our experience and assist them in developing their links to their existing donors and NGOS and independently reviewing the efficiencies of their organisations.


Contact Information:

Alissa Everett

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