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Oct 2, 2015 12:30 PM ET

Archived: Help us keep rescue dogs in homes, not shelters

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2015

Help us keep rescue dogs in homes, not shelters

Little Paws of Love, Inc., a 501c3 Rescue, would like to rent a large home, with a live-in trainer/behaviorist, to help them adjust to a home environment, so the possibility of failure is greatly reduced.  

With your support, these rescues can be in a home-environment for 2-3 weeks, and learn the skills and confidence to reduce their return to the shelter.


  1. The transition home will house a dog going into a foster/adopter home for 1-4 weeks, or longer if necessary.
  2. The final goal is to have a happy, healthy, and positively adjusted dog, ready to go into a foster/adopter home.  The rate of healing will be completely dependent upon the comfort and trust of the dog.  They will determine their readiness of the new home.
  3. The goal of the transition home is the acclimation of a dog going from a shelter/boarding environment, into a home environment.    
  4. One of the main failures of fostering/adoption, is that once inside a home, a dog is in an unfamiliar environment, and may show fear and behavior issues.  As a result of going from a shelter, directly into a home, many people do not have the skill and patience required to transition the dog.
  5. The rate of successful rehoming would increase if the dog already possesses the skills, and comfort, to thrive in a home environment.
  6. The transition healing will require the following action steps:
  7. Assessment of initial behavior issues (i.e. fear, past abuse, temperament).
  8. Structuring a program that will work to the dogs strengths, in order to overcome any issues they face.
  9. Once the dog reaches a positive level of trust, and comfort, the next step will be interaction with people, and dogs, in the home environment.  Socialization is a critical part of the program.
  10. The dog must be continually exposed to home-environment stimuli, in order to work on any fears they may have.  
Contact Information:

Little Paws of Love, Inc., a 501c3 Rescue

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