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Oct 2, 2015 10:21 AM ET

Archived: HAUTEBUTCH, Inc – Fall/Winter 15: a handsome apparel brand for Tomboys, Butch, & Androgynous Women worldwide

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2015

HAUTEBUTCH, Inc – Fall/Winter 15

We’re in the midst of a cultural shift, an enormous gender explosion destined to impact the fashion landscape forever and we’re ready to supply and empower every woman that wants HAUTEBUTCH. 

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Many women and transmen have very limited choices available to them because they don’t identify with the mainstream category of gender related clothing and their needs have been disregarded.

This has been a frustrating, exhaustive and rejecting process. We say, no more.No more compromising of self. Our clothes speak on our behalf before we ever utter a word.

Some call it genderless fashion, gender bending, gender blending – there are many adaptations of language to describe the freedom and empowerment in wearing what one chooses to express themselves.

Mack is wearing a Hautebutch Tuxedo Shirt and our double breasted vest prototype.  (And it fits!) 

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We are HAUTEBUTCH, a handsome apparel brand for Tomboys, Butch, & Androgynous Women worldwide. Help us replenish our best looks for the Fall/Winter Season.  Our designs have already been sketched and our samples have been completed. We currently work with 2 factories- one in San Francisco and the other in Hong Kong. 

Although we have established working relationships with both factories, production and shipping will take 2 months due to our low minimums. This is something we hope Kickfurther will empower us to change in the near future!

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Instead of shopping in the men’s department for boxy, ill fitting clothes and accessories, only to have them alteredor given away- We specialize in creating menswear inspired fashion for women that fits.

Never before has the complexity and fluidity of gender been so recognized and represented in mainstream culture. Trendy fashion brands have been creating a diluted version of menswear for women throughout the years. They lack the right team and conviction, from product development to marketing- necessary for the creation of a diversely gender fluid collection geared to address the needs and solve the problems associated with our community.



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We agonize over fit, finishes and details so that we bring both quality and a handsome aesethetic to our customers.

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  Image titleHautebutch suspenders, button up shirt and signature silk bowtie.

We sold out of our collection of jackets and our customer’s have been pleading for vests that combine the Hautebutch design aesthetic and fit-for professional attire, Holiday galas and weddings.

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Contact Information:

Karen Roberts

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