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Oct 2, 2015 3:50 PM ET

Archived: AMISTAT – Debut Album: This will be a big dream come true for us!! All the songs are written and we are ready to hit the studio!!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 2, 2015

AMISTAT – Debut Album

The story of the project

Jan: The 3 minutes younger half of the team. “I love hats as much as i love to create music” 

Josef: The 3 minutes older but 15 years younger behaving other half of the team. ” Sometimes I tend to think of myself as a comedian when I’m on stage”

Why is our english so bad?

We grew up in a small town in Germany and started playing music with a young age.
After finishing school we both quickly realised that we wanted to make a living of music one day.
Having australian background in our family, we always wanted to spend some time living in Australia. 
Thats why, 3 years ago we decided to move to Melbourne and live of music.

It’s been an incredible journey so far!!

Busking in Bourke Street Mall 2013

It’s Not Words EP Launch 2013 at the Toff in Town

House Concert  2014

latest show at the Northcote Social Club 2015 

Everything we have achieved so far, has basically been funded through busking.

After releasing 3 EP’s over the last 2 years, we feel like the time has now come to take it this next step further.

                                                                      DEBUT ALBUM

This will be a big dream come true for us!! All the songs are written and we are ready to hit the studio!!

We want to give you the chance to be part of this debut album by asking for your support
in advance so that we can go into the studio and make it a special one. One that we’ll always remember and the people that took part in it.

Thanks for all your support up front!!

How the funds will be used


– Production – Recording, mixing, mastering, musician fees + studio hire 
– CD printing + Vinyl printing + production + tshirts
– Album Artwork + photos, film clips and design
– Marketing and publicity 
– Touring (hopefully near you!)

Some of my other work


The biggest challenge will be producing an album that really identifies with who we are and captures something honest, real and authentic.
Contact Information:

Jan Prasil

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