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Oct 1, 2015 3:22 PM ET

Archived: Twisted Eggroll Food Truck: a food experience that will intertwine your palate!

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015

Twisted Eggroll Food Truck

The Vision of Twisted Eggroll

Being an avid cooker, it is not abnormal to receive a request from a loved one to cook.  This is exactly what occurred for the first two eggrolls I made: cheesecake and cheese steak.  Shortly after, a vision was placed on my heart to create Twisted Eggroll.  I started it as a catering business in 2015 to see the response from potential clients, and the reviews have been excellent.  Now it is time for phase two in taking this vision on the road with a food truck!

I have accomplished a multitude of facets in life thus far: two degrees, teaching English in Costa Rica, owning property, chairing committees, serving on a board, volunteering, maintaining a successful career and more.  But to date, the greatest accomplishment of all has been surviving the loss of my father to ALS.  The void I have from within, I fill with pursuing my passion to make him proud.  In the years I was blessed to have him, he instilled some amazing things in me; one being to become an entrepreneur and another being that the greatest thing you leave behind is your legacy.  

Therefore, the VISION, is to take my passion for cooking and leave an unforgettable legacy through Twisted Eggroll.  My choice of charity through this vision will be the ALS Association (http://www.alsa.org/).  I would be more than grateful for any donations to stand in agreement with this vision and to bless as many people as possible with these incredibly delicious eggrolls!

Dreams Can Come True With Help From You

As you can see, I have big dreams, but it needs funding.  This is where you come in!  I have chosen the contractor, Midwest Food Trucks (http://midwestfoodtrucks.com/), which I would like to work with to build Twisted Eggroll’s food truck.  

  • Used truck under 100,00 miles – $20,000
  • Contract Work (frying baskets, flat top, burner, hot holder, ventilation hood, refrigerator, etc) – $60,000
The contractor needs half of the money to start work.  Therefore, the purpose of this campaign  is to raise half ($40,000) of the total amount ($80,000) to help towards purchasing the truck and making a down payment to start the project.  The contractor advised work could take 3-5 months for completion. 
Your gift will be contributed towards this final amount whether or not the campaign is reached in full.  A business loan will be obtained for the balance that remains.  The impact of your gift will start Twisted Eggroll out on a positive road and require less debt as licenses, permits, and initial food supplies are just a few of many other things that still need to be funded outside the truck.  Moreover, your contribution will aid in bringing a unique concept that will twist the concept of eggrolls as we know them.  

Risks & Challenges

  • Generator Theft: Although this has been a trend, the vehicle will be well insured and will be stored in a secured location when not in use.  
  • Licenses & Permits:  By working with a great contractor, they will have all the necessary codes that need to be met in Chicago.  Starting off with a truck up to standard makes it an easier process to obtain licenses and permits.  Although, it will be a difficult process, being proactive with the right build will minimize the delay in licenses and permits.  
  • Health & Safety:  I have already passed my ServSafe Sanitation test and have my certification to work in the State of Illinois and the city of Chicago.  
  • Commercial Kitchen:  It is required for all food trucks to store, prepare, and cook food in a commissary or commercial kitchen although the options are limited which makes it difficult.  I have visited a few kitchens and have settled on using Kitchen Chicago (http://www.kitchenchicago.com).  

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to financially contribute, please know that you can still help by spreading the word.  Feel free to pass the URL for this campaign to family and friends.  Also, please keep Twisted Eggroll in mind for future events to cater.  Thank you so much for your consideration and time.  Be blessed!

Contact Information:

Nikkita Randle

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