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Oct 1, 2015 12:54 PM ET

Archived: PolyInnovations: offer your own mini-cloud, in a box, that you can see, touch and share

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015


PolyInnovations Logo


We offer your own mini-cloud, in a box, that you can see, touch and share. It is designed to be a simplified meeting/lecture collaboration tool which for the first time ever allows you to just experience the event rather than focus on paperwork, handouts, notes, or business cards. Just sit back, and focus on what is being presented.

PolyInnovations claim to fame if you will, is the ability to deliver co-located content to every connected user regardless of their personal device without an installation client. Once that has been made possible the rest of the key features become much easier deliver. We have basically a “black box” style recorder, which has the capability to communicate with any consumer communication product irrespective of the type or operating system for the purpose distributing a live lecture or meeting data feed in real time. The end user may then add their other comments, annotations, questions, or other such interactions to that data feed as they see fit.

There are four main products associated with PolyInnovations. The portable boxed hardware server platform which includes everything the client needs to get setup quickly. We feel this product is going to make up the bulk of the sales numbers for the first few years. If the client has an existing server with adequate coverage they could buy only the software as an installation client. Both products come with the third product which is a need to purchase a software license and maintenance agreement. It has been priced reasonably but it will be an annual requirement. The last product is grouped into a collection of premium content. Items like e-books, remote sites, speech to text, off-site storage to name a few. While PolyInnovations does not require an internet connection to work, the premium content will require such functionality. We are looking at 3rd party content streams.

Products / Services

PolyServer (35 users)

PolyServer by PolyInnovations is a light weight portable hardware and software device designed to capture everything that occurs during a meeting or lecture. This includes voice to text and marker-board handwriting to text. Once complete a report of what transpired is distributed to all attendees. For the first time ever just pay attention to what is happening instead of worrying about taking notes. Core functionality is contained within the PolyServer, some premium features however require an internet connection.


The software package is designed to work on most hardware platforms. We offer this product separated from the packaged hardware solution for those clients with an existing infrastructure and distribution model. The solution will scale to any size organization as needed.

Software Upgrades, Monitoring, and Maintenance Agreement

Whether the client chooses PolyServer or PolyOS, both products come with a yearly maintenance agreement for the purposes of keeping their asset up to date. There are several factors which determine the type and scope of this agreement.

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Ausfeld

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