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Oct 1, 2015 2:25 PM ET

Archived: iPrytaneum – Platform empowers nonprofits to manage their next viral campaigns

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 1, 2015

Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from the summer of 2014? iPrytaneum is like the #icebucket challenge – on steroids! We take that same cause-driven social media marketing approach to help nonprofits launch similar campaigns. The Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $100 million for ALS research — how far can your campaign go?

With the iPrytaneum platform, Nonprofits can easily create, manage and measure online viral marketing campaigns. It provides visibility into peer-to-peer fundraisers, sponsor engagement and reach and identifies new social influencers.

iPrytaneum was created so that every nonprofit has a voice, helping to create concrete, actionable online fundraising strategies to launch social initiatives that inspire action, increase supporter engagement, and drive meaningful results for their organization.


By their very nature, nonprofits are filled with purpose-driven individuals who want to make a difference in the world. The problem, unfortunately, is that most nonprofits face tight budget constraints, with staff members wearing multiple hats. This often prevents these well-intentioned individuals from seeing the results they want because they lack the proper tools or knowhow.

So what do these nonprofits do? They outsource their help. This leads to problem #2…

Most Marketers Are Missing Part of the Story

Most marketers see this spike in mobile use and immediately start throwing money at mobile marketing. The future of marketing isn’t just about taking marketing mobile, it’s about taking marketing social, turning supporters from passive audience members into active participants, and harnessing users’ natural impulse to share with their friends online to make things happen.

Case in point: 2014’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Even more impressive, the astronomical success of the Ice Bucket Challenge was 100% social and 100% user-driven: participants spread the challenge through their social networks by challenging their friends and posting videos online, spreading awareness of ALS and support for ALS research farther than any traditional marketing company would have dreamed possible — in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

The viral success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge points to the enormous potential of social media as a platform to engage audiences, inspire action – and have fun in the process.

The question now is, how do we take the lessons of the Ice Bucket Challenge and translate them into a simple, actionable model that other nonprofits can follow to drive measurable results for their causes?


Answer: The iPrytaneum platform. iPrytaneum provides the avenue for nonprofits everywhere to design their own viral campaigns to inspire, engage, and activate their audiences and sponsors, driving meaningful results for the organization’s cause.

Through the iPrytaneum platform, nonprofits can challenge their audience to build awareness and buzz around their cause, like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Whether it be for awareness or fundraising the iPrytaneum platform will generate actionable metrics before during and after its campaign cycle. It will give visibility into which users have passed along to their peers and into user created challenges shared through the top social media channels.

Giving back to meaningful causes has never been this fun, easy, or social.

With the iPrytaneum platform, nonprofits as well as individual users need only follow 4 simple steps to launch viral campaigns:

Issue the Challenge/Campaign: The iPrytaneum platform lets you create campaigns using video or picture challenges, flexible enough to do from any device using our repsonsive web app.  

Activate Your Audience: Through iPrytaneum’s native mobile app, your users can participate in nonprofit or peer-to-peer challenges and share/challenge with anyone in their networks. The result: your supporters are empowered to advocate for your organization.

Manage the Movement: iPrytaneum provides an easy-to-use, web-based dashboard that lets you manage and track social media campaigns and peer-to-peer campaigns effortlessly.

Growth at the Speed of Viral: iPrytaneum helps you expand your universe of donors, reminds your current donors of why they support and believe in you, and empowers your passionate supporters to advocate for your organization.


On the back-end, iPrytaneum provides non-profits with an unprecedented level of visibility into the progress and success of their campaign. Using our real-time analytics, nonprofits can track the successes of their campaigns, identify key contributors and extend their reach and overall awareness of their causes.

We’re currently accepting sign-ups for the early release of the iPrytaneum platform and we’ve made the iPrytaneum mobile app (OGA Challenge App) available on the App Store and Google Play. iPrytaneum brings nonprofits, their supporters, and sponsors together in one connected platform to support good causes. 

Here are just a few of the features that define the iPrytaneum platform, and how we create a new experience of giving back to charities:

Through the iPrytaneum platform, nonprofits get a free access to spread awareness. Most NPOs are not effectively utilizing social media and face significant difficulty with engaging and retaining donors and maintaining sustainability with limited resources. Since most donors to charities already have mobile devices, iPrytaneum fills a significant need for NPOs through viral campaigns. It ensures that their campaign strategy is effective by providing real time analytics and all without straining NPO’s already tight resources. Premium services will be offered to support with SEO services, social media hacking and campaign planning.

Many people are passionate about charity and participate in significant ways, from donating their time to participating in impressive feats of athleticism to encourage others to donate to a causes important to them. iPrytaneum allows passionate people to generate awareness and funding for organizations they care about in a fun and engaging way. It’s also very easy for users to raise funds amongst friends. 

By aggregating the data from user participation, we’re able to provide nonprofits and our paying customers with analytics that understand exactly who their supporters are and provide more accurate targeting than traditional sources. This not only offers a unique advertising opportunity for both mobile video content and web-based marketing, but we can also build a better in-app experience for the users based on their participation.

Powered by the cloud, iPrytaneum helps nonprofits expand their network of those who care and share. A primary goal for any nonprofit is to expand their existing donor pool and connect with new potential donors, especially new donors who can be identified as key contributors in expanding their reach or increase donation..

Friend-to-friend fundraising is extremely successful for nonprofits, so the native mobile app is also designed for non-technical folks, making it easy for donors to challenge friends from any of their networks. This allows nonprofits to easily monitor peer-to-peer fundraising using a single, web-based dashboard.


, iPrytaneum has made great progress towards our goal of creating a free, easy-to-use platform that empowers Nonprofits to succeed with online fundraising, awareness of their cause and engagement within their communities.

We are mid development of our responsive web app and have peer to peer challenge apps available in both the appstore and Google play (OGA Challenge App).

We have strategic partnerships with national and local brands including, but not limited to, CSRwire, HubSpot, Constant Contact, GivingTuesday and are continuing to expand our reach

Our next milestones that are due to be reached in the next 1-3 months will be to expand our existing nonprofit client base, complete development of our responsive web app, re-tooling and connecting of mobile apps, and public go-to market campaign.

This capital injection represents the oppotrunity to push the final development, go-to market, to work with our existing and expanding nonprofit customer base and accelerate revenue.


We’ve accepted the challenge to take the next step forward in social marketing. Now, we challenge YOU! Will you join us?


iPrytaneum is guided by a team of passionate philanthropists with years of experience in technology, marketing, and technology sales. With their passion for giving back, the iPrytaneum team is fueled to create a fun and easy solution to helping charities raise money for their causes.

Joshua Raymond, Founder & CEO
Joshua is serious about contributing to social good and has an impressive record to prove it. Hi acheievements include acheiving Eagle Scout and he received the Key to the City of Chelmsford. He wanted to create a solution that would not only get people’s attention, but also prompt people to engage their peers. He recognized an opportunity in the popularity of challenges for charity, and has a unique position to bring iPrytaneum to fruition with his experience in technology sales. With an impressive background in sales and business development, Joshua brings a diverse and deep knowledge base and skill set to the company.

Brendan Kincaid, Co-founder/CSO 
Brendan is an accomplished team builder and has 7+years of operational and sales experience. He has built successful teams in G&A, sales operations, customer success and client expansion for startups as well as indiistry leaders including Art Technology Group, Oracle and AppNeta. At AppNeta he was a key contributor to building out the finance, sales operations and customer success teams. His outside the box approach enables crossfunctioning collaboration and success between teams. He completed his undergrad at Fairfield University in Connecticut with his B.A. in finance and minors in economics and classical studies. This path was a continuation of the “Men (and women) for others” tradition that was instilled in him at Boston College High School of Dorchester MA.

Oleg Ilin, Co-Founder/CMO                                                                                Oleg Ilin is an accomplished seasoned marketing executive with considerable industry experience in online marketing and web development. He graduated from the St. Petersburg University (Russia) with B.S in computer science and focus on mathematical linguistics and artificial intelligence. His unique blend of technical and marketing skills allows him to think outside the box and create highly effective one of a kind marketing concepts. Oleg brings 10+ years marketing experience from several countries, startups, and industry leaders. He created integrated marketing strategies, improved ROI and substantially increased company’s profits. Oleg believes in the non-profits ability to solve many difficult social and economic issues with proper support. He is committed to helping bringing nonprofits to the cutting edge. 

Amahl Williams, Advisory Board Member
Amahl is a seasoned marketing executive who has spent his career developing complex integrated marketing and business development programs for large retail, media and telecom organizations. His current and previous roles were held at companies such as Pluris Marketing, PureB2B, uberVU (acquired by HootSuite), Aberdeen and Verizon to name a few. Amahl’s expertise spans traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, and he has particular interest in social marketing, mobile, and cloud.

Andrew Salzman, Advisory Board Member
Andrew is a 25+ year marketing veteran who has focused his career on helping organizations reinvent business models, identify new growth venues, tap existing market potential, and fully capitalize on consumer and market purchasing dynamics. He has held Executive leadership roles at Siebel, Compaq, E2open, Saba and Information Resources (IRI). Andrew provides guidance on business planning and product direction, corporate and product marketing, product development, go-to-market strategy & alliance and partner strategy.

Contact Information:

Joshua Raymond
Brendan Kincaid
Oleg Ilin
Amahl Williams
Andrew Salzman

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