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Sep 30, 2015 11:15 AM ET

Archived: Visixtwo Limited: Branded Emojis and Digital Stickers as a new marketing channel: More than just a smiley face

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 30, 2015

Visixtwo Limited





6 Billion Emoji’s are sent per day, we believe that through branded Emoji and Digital stickers, brands can create an emotional connection with potential consumers and be welcomed into a sacred place; their conversation.

Globally several billion people use messaging applications, and instant messaging volumes now exceed SMS in most countries.

At Visixtwo we believe this is a new opportunity for marketing and promotion. The current solution we feel is obtrusive advertising.
We have already shown that by appealing to the individuality of a user, the public will download Emoji and Stickers to express emotion within their chat conversation. Our cases studies include 392,000 downloads that leads to 5 million engagements within a very short time period, reinforcing our vision.



Our vision is to create and service a new marketing channel, a unique media space that consumers opt-in to, within messaging applications. The standard Emoji that users are familiar with will remain, but be augmented with the choice to support your football team, artist, movie, TV programme, lifestyle product or drink. The so-called “Promoji”.

These are distributed through:
1) Natively. Through the store of messaging applications throughout the world. A fee paid to the app for the media space.
2) By electing to download through the app store.

We aim to offer Brands a full-service Emoji marketing service, and potentially if we overfund: a custom platform.

Allowing the creation of media planning and buying similar to that seen in the conventional media and advertising sector.

All controlled from a custom interface and analytics platform.

We believe that with repetition, comes recognition. With recognition, comes revenue.

With up to 6 Bn Emoji sent and received every day, we see 6Bn opportunities to promote products or brands. We think this market has huge growth potential. We believe that the natural spread of our products through increasing volumes of chat traffic between friends will become self-promoting and be considerably appealing to companies and brands seeking to quickly access a sizeable and possibly lucrative audience.



• Agreed deal with a television property to monetize their IP through Emoji and Digital stickers worldwide.

• Agreed deal with a European Candy producer.

• Signed a deal with a multi-national Not For Profit, which will be launched in November.

• Commission by two messaging applications with a total user base of over 500 million.

• Real case study data to assist in our sales process.

• Demonstrated that a set of Emoji downloaded 395,000 times can deliver 5 million engagements. These users choosing to select and share Emoji within their friendship groups. We believe this has the potential to be a powerful marketing channel.

• EMI Share option scheme in place to incentive existing and future team hires

• Early stage revenue generation.

• Early stage talks with Asian distributor/partner.




We are aiming to raise £45,000 to fulfill the following agreed campaigns.
• An international Not For Profit.
• TV property.
• Candy Company.
These will come online November/December of this year.

If we exceed this raise, we plan to raise the remainder of the SEIS allowance, which in total will be £92,650. With the additional £47,650 we intend to build a customer-facing platform and heavily invest further in sales and marketing function.

The platform will allow:
• Educate and inform potential clients by enabling them to build target media plan of users and applications, including volumes.
• Upload or order and buy branded emoji for their campaign.
• Track campaign success including, most popular emoji, number of times used and countries.
• Cost and budget control.


Contact Information:

Nathan Barker
Robin Fielding
Diego Gonzalez Iglesias

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