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Archived: The First Wireless Dock For IPhones, IPads And Macs

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New startup company Dobox announced today that it is accepting sign ups for the early bird price of their product. The new website of the company was finished at, where they show the first pictures of this innovative gadget.

The new iPad Pro by Apple is coming out soon, and it will be amazing. But what if you want to use it for work, like a regular laptop? You will soon find out, that it is not so easy. First, instead of a desktop operation system it runs on iOS, the mobile OS of Apple. Second, you cannot connect it to your standard devices, because it only comes with a lightning connector and a smart connector. To the new iPad Pro, you can connect only Apple’s own keyboard that costs a pricey $169. Furthermore, you cannot connect neither USB devices, nor printers. You cannot connect with an external monitor or TV, nor to the internet with a LAN cable.

Of course, Apple also thought about this, and it sells its own accessories to provide solutions for these problems. The new Apple TV will cost $149, the Lightning to VGA adapter is $49, you can buy the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader for $29, the AirPort Express router for $99, and so on. But when you add these up, the price of the expensive iPad Pro rises to the sky. Besides, you can connect only one accessory at a time. Even if there was a hub to the lightning port, you would lose the mobility of the iPad.

So, the perfect solution would be to create a wireless hub, a sort of all-in-one wireless dock for the iPad. And an innovate company is working exactly on this. They created a prototype of the DoBox, which is the first wireless dock for iPhones, iPads and Macs. With this new gadget, you gain connectivity, while maintaining your mobility. DoBox is launching soon on Kickstarter, so if you want to get the early bird price, sign up at their website at

About DoBox

With DoBox’s multiple ports, you can now connect your Apple device to more external devices like never before. The DoBox has two USB ports to use hard drives, keyboard, mouse and printers; internal storage and micro SDHC memory card reader; built-in lithium-ion battery to charge any device from USB. You can stream audio and video or play videos, games and presentations through HDMI. You can use DoBox everywhere as a portable wireless router with secure private network. DoBox gives you the connectivity you were missing from your Apple device.

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