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Sep 29, 2015 2:59 PM ET

ITUS Networks – Small Network Security Solutions

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 29, 2015

ITUS Networks is on a mission to make high-quality internet security—and the peace of mind that comes with it—accessible and affordable for people everywhere.

Our flagship product, Shield, is the first network security device designedspecifically for family homes. Shield takes all of the functionality of professional-grade cybersecurity systems and shrinks it down to an affordable, accessible package that families, small businesses and travelers can use to keep their data, their identities and their loved ones safe and secure online.

Welcome to a new era of affordable, accessible cyberescurity. Welcome to Shield. 


Unfortunately, in the cybersecurity game of cat and mouse, the bad guys have been winning for too long. Criminal organizations are constantly improving their hacking skills, finding better and faster ways to break into our devices. Meanwhile, the cybersecurity options on the market today that are supposed to empower us to stand strong against cyberattack leave much to be desired: 

Antivirus software is less than 50% effective against today’s threats, and involves complicated and expensive licensing that can make it challenging 

WiFi routers win points for convenience and all-in-one functionality, but not for security, with the majority relying on firewall technology that is over 20 years old.

Business firewalls can keep data secure but cost upwards of a couple of thousands of dollars per year and require specialized knowledge to intall manage and maintain. 

So we set out to build exactly that, and the result is Shield: the better, smarter, safer cybersecurity solution. 


Shield features the same professional-grade internet security found in millions of businesses around the world to block cyber attacks, stop data theft in its tracks and keep your family safe from identity theft and fraud — all adapted to fit a family budget and family security needs. 

Security Made Simple
Shield blocks viruses, exploits and inappropriate websites — all with zero software installation required. 

Protection for Everyone
Shield protects all of your family’s connected devices without any per-device licensing restrictions or fees. 

Keep Your Data Safe
Shield safeguards you and your loved ones from online scams that steal data for identity theft and fraud.

Shield protects a wide variety of devices, including desktop, laptops, tablets, smart phones, network attached storage, wireless routers, printers, video game consoles, and more. Our device also offers protection for all industry-standard operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Apple iOS and Google Android. 

In short: Shield provides the ultimate blend of simplicity, affordability, reliability and flexibility, so that whoever you are and whatever your security needs, Shield is here to help you protect the things that matter most to you. 


Simple enough for home yet secure enough for business, Shield is the first cybersecurity solution that meets you wherever you are: 

At Home
Shield has been developed with the needs and concerns of families in mind. Shield keeps your family safe from threats online. Block viruses and exploits while keeping children away from inappropriate websites. 

At Work
Shield keeps small businesses safe from dangerous online threats like viruses, trojans, and exploits that can lead to bank fraud, identity theft, or other scams — all at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise-level security options. 

On The Go 
Shield provides business-grade network security in a small portable form-factor, so you can work from anywhere securely without worrying about viruses, exploits, or other online threats.


Shield has been shipping for almost six months, we’re seeing some incredible feedback that points to even bigger and better things to come. 

Recently, we wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, blowing past our original goal by over 40% to ultimately raise over $170,000 from more than 1,000 backers. Our online forum community currently has almost 400 registered users. To date, we have sold over 1,800 of Shield so far, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that consumers today care about their cybersecurity and are excited about options that empower them to keep their data safe. 

Potential partners in the IT industry are taking notice of ITUS Networks and the game-changing potential of Shield: we have partnerships lined up 20 resellers that provide IT services to small offices and homes. In the long run, we plan to develop at least 50 direct resellers to actively promote and sell our product.  

In addition to a reseller program we will also have an online affiliate marketing program. We’ve got about a half dozen affiliates that we’ve worked with so far. These folks will be promoting the product and service online in exchange for a commission for each sale. 

Development on Shield is complete — we’ve got hundreds of customers around the world using our product every day. We are gearing up for our second mass production run on Shield and first mass production run on WiFi Shield.


Daniel Ayoub, Founder & CEO 
Prior to founding ITUS Networks, Daniel worked as a product manager for some of the the largest manufacturers of network security appliances in the world. Daniel is also a CISSP, CISM, and CISA.

John Webster, Chief Operating Officer
Experienced executive and executive coach with vast experience in start ups and large high tech companies. Prior to  ITUS Networks, John served as V.P. of Operations, Chief Operating  Office  and V.P. of Human Resources.

Gary Chochon, Chief Financial Officer
Over 30 years of leadership experience in the technology, manufacturing and bioscience with companies ranging in size  from start-ups to the Fortune 100. Prior to ITUS Networks,  Gary served as CFO, Controller, and VP of Operations.

Michael Stewart, Vice President of Sales
Cybersecurity business development executive with over 35 years sales leadership experience. Prior to ITUS Networks, Mike led world-wide teams of up to 150 sales professionals and engineers.

Contact Information:

Daniel Ayoub
John Webster
Gary Chochon
Michael Stewart

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