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Archived: Islamic Pearls: A Young Team Enlightening Our World With Islamic Films & Videos

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Islamic Pearls

•Islamic Pearls was started on one principle Spread Islam and thats what we plan to do Inshallah but we need  your help to do it. 

•A group of teens aged 13-17 had a vision, to create something new and fresh: something that has never been done before. 

• We want to create amazing Islamic short films and animations that will inspire you, your friends and your family. All our funds go towards buying equipment to start animating and filming.

We have a team of 5 & Alhamdulillah we have 3 Hafiz on our team. We are passionate about spreading Islam to ever corner of the globe. We have the skill-set and knowledge required to bring groundbreaking Islamic Media come to life. Support us and Inshallah you will be able to watch inspiring Islamic content on your screens.

We have launched a Youtube channel were we have released 7 amazing reminders and prophets stories to show you guys an example of our work. 3 videos are in the slideshow above the rest are on our youtube channel Islamic Pearls. We plan to release all the content for free on our youtube channel Inshallah.

•We went and asked permission to make an Islamic film on a famous exciting Islamic youth book called Rashid and the missing body by Hassan Radwan they were more than happy to allow us  to create such a wonderful thing. 

•This book sheds light on how a Muslim family adapts to live in a western society. It brings to awareness how a Muslim boy makes a strong bond between his friends and how he uses Islam to overcome the obstacles that come in his way

•We also want to produce many more short Islamic films which will have educational morals but they will be entertaining at the same time. We want to explore Islam & nature, Space and Islam, science in Islam, backbiting, friendship and many many more through the power of film. Were just scratching the surface here be part of something bigger and help bring these inspiring series to life. 

Imagine Islamic stories and lessons come to life in a truly colourful display. Animated episodes for children and youth will inspire them with the great real life events which have happened in the past. Your children will forget all these cartoon shows that come on tv and they will be thrilled to watch amazing Islamic episodes while they learn and enjoy .Inshallah we will start publishing in mid 2016 with your support and effort.

Here are some examples of series we will produce Inshallah:

  • All the Muslim Prophets
  • Famous Muslim leaders
  • Islamic Stories



Check out our Youtube channel Islamic Pearls we have 7 Islamic Reminders already there, link is posted at the bottom

Once again Jazakallah Khairan for all your support Assalamualaykum.

Mohammed Misbahuddin Founder of Islamic Pearls

Contact Information:

Mohammed Misbahuddin

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