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Sep 28, 2015 3:06 PM ET

Archived: Benyfit Natural Pet Food: The Opportunity to Invest in the Future of Natural Raw Pet Food, in a existing market of 1.3 Billion

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 28, 2015

Benyfit Natural Pet Food


The Opportunity to Invest in the Future of Natural Raw Pet Food, in a existing market of 1.3 Billion


Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and internet sales of complete nutritionally balanced frozen raw dog food using human grade British natural ingredients specifically designed to suit the digestive system of canines. We have a wide range of flavours and cater for every stage of a dogs life; our puppy product has a herbal wormer in it and our Senior contains ingredients to aid joint and muscle flexibility. Our recipes were developed by the owner using the B.A.R.F. principles.




    Products & Services

    We produce a wide range of frozen raw dog food which we sell on-line with delivery within 24hrs, and also have 12 independent retail outlets selling to the public. Our product is complete and nutritionally balanced with no need for any additives whatsoever, it is unique in its recipes and ingredients. We use ethically sourced British human grade meat and bone. We intend to expand our range to natural raw cat food, natural treats for cats and dogs and herbal supplements and oils. We plan to grow and incentivise our online customers via discounts for subscription and support our retailers with motivational campaigns, POS training and local advertising support.

    Problem Solved

    Benyfit Natural Pet Food, gives them the benefit and peace of mind that they are giving their pets the most natural, complete nutritionally balanced food product on the market. Therefore their pets will have longer life, less health problems and far more balanced behaviour. We are what we eat and so are dogs. Feeding this product to your dog will reduce vets bills, give the dog a cleaner more naturally balanced digestive system, cleaner teeth, healthier and shinier coat and a balanced energy level. People will by this product as generally they value their pets sometimes even more than their family.

    Revenue Model

    We sell our product direct through our website and also wholesale through independent pet food stores. This is a repeat purchase product, and our range includes Puppy, Adult and Senior, so we maintain the sales cycle through the lifetime of the dog. We will also be selling our product through subscription to our customers, so we can maintain good cashflow as we grow, none of our competitors offer this service. We also sell our product at dog shows and exhibitions around the country throughout the year. We an existing an growing customer base who buy our products as walk sales from our premises.

    Exit Strategy

    There are currently 4 major manufacturers within the pet food industry that represent the majority of the other dog food products, they are Mars, P&G, Nestle, and Colgate – Palmolive. They do not currently have a natural raw pet food product in their range and when they feel that they are losing market share to the raw food market they will enter the market through acquisition of an existing manufacturer. Investors could also exit earlier if they wished probably at the next round of fundraising when the company will be in profit.







Contact Information:

Chairman and Founder

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