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Sep 27, 2015 10:20 AM ET

Archived: ViW – Communication superpowers!: ViW enhances your computer, tablet and smartphone view by 50% and intuitively lighting your video calls for perfection!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2015

The point of video communication is the possibility to see the other caller. With group calls that isn´t easy. The cameras in our device´s cannot fit all participants. With ViW™ you get more than 50% wider field of view.

This is the magic of optics. ViW™ is not another webcam. It is purely based on optics. With it´s dual lens assembly ground from premium quality glass sheets ViW™ provides perfect image quality to your video calls. Now you can get the full view and see the whole team, family or all your friends.

ViW™ also enhances your lighting conditions. We are all busy people and sometimes calls need to happen at night, or with bad lighting conditions. ViW™ uses intelligent LED lighting to sense your surroundings and shine a light on the important stuff.  

Communication should be easy. ViW™ is used by attaching it over your device´s camera. Through micro suction cups ViW™ is able to attach to surfaces like metal, plastics and aluminum. Repeatedly usable. No stickymarks.

 miniatura de video del proyecto

The intelligent lightning is powered by a built in lithium battery. ViW™ is simply charged in any USB port you can find. 1h charge gives you up to 4h of enhanced lit conversation. No cords or cables. Hassle free!

 miniatura de video del proyecto

Each ViW™ comes with a durable protective casing with integrated mounting pad to maximize protection. Keep your communication super powers safe! 

The case comes in two editions for our backers:                             Kickstarter edition or ViW edition






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