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Sep 27, 2015 5:15 PM ET

Archived: Something out of Nothing Theatre Company

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 27, 2015

Something out of Nothing Theatre Company


The National Theatre has been supporting youth drama over the past 20 years through Connections, a drama project that enables hundreds of young people to deliver a drama performance. The project see the actors perform in a home venue, before performing in a local professional theatre which in our case is The Greenwich Theatre.
The intention of The Something out of Nothing Theatre company is to create a community based theatre company which offers the chance for young people in the community to perform in the play, without having to pay for the pleasure. By raising funds as a community, the actors can be a true representation of the talent and skill in our area without limitations on the young persons social demographic. This is the inaugural performance and it is obviously a bold choice for a new theatre company to start with a play commissioned by the National Theatre! however, thinking big is just the beginnings of what we hope to accomplish as we set out to begin a legacy.

What we’ll do:

  • Participation of director in ‘Visit Directors’ weekend (October)
  • Invite 13-19 year old actors to audition for a role in the performance (November)
  • Meet as a group on a regular bases to rehearse (December to February)
  • Publicity (January to February)
  • Perform in a community based venue to an invited audience

Why it’s a great idea:

In Greenwich there are many sports based after school and holiday clubs that subsidies the cost of participation, but this is not replicated in the arts, and this means there are some young people that cannot become involved in the wonderful opportunities that creating theatre offers young people. We hope at Something out of Nothing to address this, offering everyone an equal chance to participate and therefore create a truly inclusive artistic project. Creating theatre is expensive and by raising funds through space hive we can all assist in some way, paving the way for the theatre company to take seed and grow. This will benefit all stakeholders, and help our theatre company to deliver a valuable and distinct piece of drama, born out of a central ethos that everyone can take part, everyone can participate.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Be commissioned by the National Theatre to deliver the project – this is already agreed
  • Raise the funds to pay for our own involvement in the project.
  • Deliver by performing to our community both at our home venue and at the professional theatre.

I will be offering my own time and expertise. My name is Simon White. I am a father and husband as well as a teacher. I work in Kent, and have over twenty years of experience creating drama for young people. I have worked at youth clubs, american summer camps, schools, academies and professional theatres (The Young Vic, The Globe). My own ethos is that the process is the most important aspect for the young people involved in project. It gives them an opportunity to belong to something. Drama is so subjective that rather than simply trying to appease an audience, I make the experience for those involved to be as valuable as possible. The audience will be left in no doubt of the hard work and dedication shown by the cast and crew and deliver a memorable performance..



Contact Information:

Something out of Nothing Theatre Company

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