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Sep 25, 2015 7:43 PM ET

Archived: UK Based Specialist Sports Car Start-up

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

My name is Martin Leigh, the usual car nut who has worked in the motor since 1989, leaving school and jumped on the spanners as a trainee like many young lads like I was. Spent my time at college getting my (as it was back then) City & Guilds and ever since then I had the desire to build my own car. But the funny thing is that none of the available kit car took my fancy, they never seem to look like production cars. I think we all wish to own a true sports car and truely know for most of us we will never afford a car with the speed and looks of the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini or now Pagani.


Even now in the time between leaving school many years ago new companies have supercars into a new league of hypercar like Koenigsegg and Bugatti. So I decide if I was ever going to design a car to build it needs to look and perform like a supercar for the price of a top end kit car and could be produced with an option list that would mean no two produced were the same. A car as individual as the owner, built to the customer budget if they have one. It would also help the local businesses in the area of production, increase employment and also be the only car produced in Wales.


The design of the chassis itself will be in three pieces with the passenger cell being of a universal design, meaning smaller or larger 2 seater sports cars could be designed around it. Power could also come from other means like all electric or hydrogen cells, the possiblities could be endless. This is also the reason unlike many supercar companies I didn’t use my surname (one it isn’t as interesting), I wanted to inspire great thinking and one of Britian’s great thinkers was Sir Isaac Newton. Grav80 takes it’s name from this man’s greatest works and part of the cars shape is created for maximum down force, let gravity do the rest.  We have created enough CAD information to produce the body, chassis, interior and at least 4 versions which could take us 5 years down the line with plans for another 5 versions beyond that. We have rough sketches too for a hypercar, 4 cylinder roadster and family hatchback, saloon and estate.


But Grav80 is where the adventure begins, we would be use Ford Motor company as our parts bin using trusted engines, gearboxes and brakes for the top end performance models in their stable. We have a list of companies ready to supply us with all the bespoke items needed to make Grav80 happen and make them as individual as the customer wishes. Please enjoy the images we have created for you and the information we feel makes sense of our goal.

Contact Information:

Twitter - newtonauto1

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