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Sep 25, 2015 5:52 PM ET

PRICE FOR PARADISE -The Struggles & Successes of living the Real Hawaii

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

PRICE FOR PARADISE -The Struggles & Successes of living the Real Hawaii

Aloha, my name is Wayde Allen FishmanOwner of “Wayde’s World” Poor Man’s Guide to Hawaii, a small family run Social Media and Safari Jeep Tour Adventure Company. Our premise has always been about helping and providing our network & Youtube travelers information and interactive videos on Hawaii’s most beautiful locations. We are not only a Social and Multimedia giant, we also offer Safari Jeep Tours to all our members. These Personal and Private custom island tours are the only ones of its kind in Hawai’i.

I am also Co-Founder, along with my friends, of the Nonprofit 808 Cleanups, a Volunteer driven organization whose mission is to empower communities in restoring their natural environments through Adopt a Site programs, education, and political advocacy. Our Passion is Hawai’i, it’s culture, wildlife, diverse environment and the sustainability for future generations to live and survive in Hawai’i. Interested in learning more about our Nonprofit 501(c)(3):

One of the things I have a deep passion for are animals, Dogs and cats alike and so I created the “HIKES for HOMES” program. Hikes for Homes is a voluntary campaign to provide a fun and healthy environment where shelter dogs (*and cats on occasion) can meet and mingle with the public. We get dogs and cats out of the local shelters and onto the trails in the hope of them being adopted by those attending the hikes or even by those we come across on the trail. We give those interested in adoption a hands on experience to see how these dogs and cats react in the outdoors and with their families, children and even other dogs and cats before they choose to adopt them. This is also a great way for the sheltered animals to continue their rehabilitation back into society and into a new family home. With this heightened exposure individuals and families continue to be moved to adopt these sheltered animals, saving a life and giving them a Forever Home.

People outside Hawai’i seem to have a WILD IMAGINATION…a somewhat FANTASY LIKE VIEW on what Hawaii is, who its people are, Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) Locals (those born and raised) as well as Kama’aina (those who move here) and a twisted sense on how good we all have it here. Hawaii is not a Fantasy world…This is a very CRITICAL TIME for Hawai’i as well as the Gathering Place of OAHU. The people who live here have real lives, we eat, we sleep, we work hard and play harder, we succeed, we fail, we live and we die here! It’s unfortunate no one has showed the outside world who Hawai’i and it’s people are as well as the conflicts and issues we face here today. Our intentions have always been one based on integrity and to do Hawaii and it’s people justice and bring the plight of the Native Hawaiian people to the forefront…to show the outside World the REAL HAWAII and theStruggles and Successes that we all deal with here.

 will be a Docu-Series about the Struggles and Successes of a Small Family Adventure Tour Company as well as the Nonprofit Organization they have built as they try to balance the Tourism industy with the Protection of the Hawaiian islands and the Culture of its people. It will be based on character driven inspirational real life stories about the changing face of Hawai’i and its people who continue to struggle to live on the most beautiful islands on Earth.  

Our Business and Nonprofit consists of the total “MELTING POT” that makes up Hawaii’s people…Kanaka Maoli, Locals, Kama’ainaNative Hawaiian, Polynesian, Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Caucasian, European, Brazilian, Black, Mexican and the list goes on…We’re not going to sugarcoat or re-imagine who and what Hawai’i is the same way Hollywood has…Hawai’i Nei is a real place with real people from all over the world who are trying to make ends meet in Paradise.

It’s a place that is considered Heaven by those who are succeeding and Hell by those who are struggling, but at the end of our day of struggle or success, when the sun rises or sets, we reflect and know how truly Lucky we are to Live Hawaii. This, for all of us here in Hawaii is…“THE PRICE FOR PARADISE”

WHY HAWAI’I, WHY NOW? This is the PERFECT TIME time to invest in Hawai’i and the real life stories of its people during these hard Financial, Political and Culturally sensitive times.  BusinessEnvironment,SustainabilityCultureRaceClassMilitary,Politics, and Religion all make up the Social Structure of who and what Hawai’i is and what we stand for as a people. We are the MOST, yet LEAST American State in the Union!

We already have had interest from 8 Production teams from LANY and EUROPE who work with the Big Networks, however we get the same end game with them…They want to do the show, but Hawai’i is too far away and too expensive to take the risk and invest in filming at this time or they want to turn us into some Naked and Afraid show…We have declined on several occasions because the integrity of Hawaii is too important to the people who live it and YES we understand it’s very expensive to send out a crew to film here in Hawai’i, but we DON’T AGREE that it isn’t the right time to do it…if there was EVER a time to film Hawai’i and it’s people…NOW IS THAT TIME!

COST OF THIS PROJECT will require funding of $20,000.00 to create a 30+ min High Quality Episode. We’ll also put together a 3-5 minute Pitch Tape of our best footage to send to the 8 Production Studios that have had interest. Now, we know that doesn’t sound like a lot of Money for such a big and professional undertaking, but we believe it will be enough to cover our costs on this large ambitious project. With these funds we’ll be able to pay and get a 3 person Film Crew led by ANDREW AGCAOILI of SHIBBY STYLEE, several Drone Systems and GoPro Systems for the Cast of the show to use themselves , a 3 person Camera Crew led by EDISON DACUYCUY of SONCATOGRAPHY, HENRY AGUILAR ofJHAMES808 and LONNIE MCKENZIE of PERFECT WAVE that will photography the entire process and behind the scenes as well as Help Andrew during Principle Photography. Direction, Production and Editing will be done by all of us in-house to keep costs down.  If interested in seeing Andrews Film work in Hawai’i check him out:  and Edisons Photography work:

Even with everything ready and in place we can’t do it without the funding from our Website Fans, Radio show Listeners, Fans of our YouTube Channel, Guests of our Tours and even those who may not know us personally, but love Hawai’i, love to visit, and believe a real show about the real people of Hawai’i is long overdue!

                                           THE PRICE FOR PARADISE CAST:

                                       THE PRICE FOR PARADISE EPISODE: 
You will be funding our First Major Episode of the Docu-Series which will follow around some of the Core Characters of the Adventure Safari Jeep Tour Business and our Nonprofit organization. We’ll explore the Trials and Tribulations of running a small business and nonprofit network in Hawai’i as well as holding a group of highly talented Misfit Superheros together in one of the largest and most Competitive Tourism industries in the world.

*If interested in learning more about our Master Guide Crew please check out their Pictures and Bios here:!screenshots/c60z

                                                THE PLOT of EPISODE ONE:
Wayde and the entire Crew meet up with The Waterfall Hunter, “The Red Baron” and fly to the island of Maui. The Expansion of Adventure Tours to the other islands has begun, but Wayde and Aloha Bruce want to put together a Safari Jeep Tour never attempted before on Maui…A Weekend Waterfall “Climb & Camp” Tour in Hana. With recent waterfall discoveries by the Red Baron, Wayde seeks his Master guidance and skills on how to put something together that no other Tour company can. The enigmatic Red Baron, guides Wayde and his crew on a once in a lifetime Weekend Getaway that will leave everyone in AWE and open the doorways to a one of a kind Adventure Tour for guests who visit the island of Maui!


Mahalo Nui Loa to Owner and Entrepreneur ED SUGIMOTO for sponsoring the Cast & Crew with ALOHA GEAR!

GIFTS TO FUNDERS will be given to those helping to Fund our Ambitious Project, but, WE CAN ONLY DO SO IF WE MEET OUR $20,000.00 FUNDING REQUIREMENT!

*If we reach our FUNDING GOAL we will begin pre-production in JAN 2016 and start thePilot production and end with Principal photography in FEB and MARCH of 2016 during the Winter Months in Hawai’i when it is the most lush and waterfalls are flowing at max capacity. Post-production will take several months into June 2016. We hope to RELEASEthe 30 Min. Docu-Series Episode end of Summer of 2016 and start getting all the Gifts out during that time. A DATE will be ANNOUNCED for the ONLINE RELEASE of the DOCU-SERIES EPISODE to FUNDERS ONLY and a LINK to watch it will be sent to all our Funders E-mails.

If we DON’T MEET OUR $20,000.00 FUNDING REQUIREMENT we will create a NEWCrowdfunding Project to make up the difference we will need. WE ARE DEDICATED toDOING THIS PROJECT and SEEING IT THROUGH! PLEASE be PATIENT with us! 

We will keep our Funders informed during the Crowdfunding process…once Funding is reached we will keep our Funders informed along the way with Behind the Scenes Photography and Video Out-takes during the entire Production Process up to the Release of the first EPISODE and update you on our GIFT GIVING on FACEBOOK HERE:

Gifts will be ranging from Wayde’s World Hawaii Buttons, to DVD’s of the show to Shirtsand Hats as well as Vouchers to go on Tour with Wayde and his Crew on several differentSAFARI JEEP Excursions from a 4 HOUR HALF DAY ISLAND TOUR, an 8 HOUR GRAND CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR, an 8 HOUR WATERFALL TOUR, our 12 HOUR CUSTOM CREATED ISLAND TOUR an ALL-INCLUSIVE WEEKEND GETAWAY IN HAWAII and last for our BIGGEST FUNDER an ALL INCLUSIVE PAID TRIP including FLIGHT, ROOM & BOARD to Join the Cast and Film Crew for one Week of Filming around the islands and a CAMEO in the Episode!

Mahalo Nui Loa for taking the time to look over and help fund our project on Hawai’i and it’s people~ 


, Wayde Allen Fishman and the entire Cast & Crew~

Contact Information:

Wayde Fishman

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