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Sep 25, 2015 11:31 AM ET


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We are sending 25,000 Halal Ready to Eat Meals to the European Refugees in Serbia on behalf of a UK Charity – Rahma Mercy. You can buy meals and add on to the shipment that we are sending from Dubai in the next 2 weeks.

For just USD 0.99, you can buy a HALALmeal ( Chicken & Rice)

Paypal funds can be send via paypal@saahtain.com

Saahtain Foods have committed 3,000 Meals as part of its own donation. 

Visit www.tayyibfoods.com for more details about our meals.

Below is a picture from Syria – a kids with our meals (Jan,2015).

From the onset we must declare that we are a social enterprise base in Dubai, UAE and not a charity. We say, ‘we can’t change the course of natural and man-made conflicts but certainly can help with thoughtful and compassionate produce to alleviate suffering.’

Our Halal meals can help alleviate a bit of refugees worries, for on the go, they have nothing to sustain. Our Halal meals can give them survival and relief for their tiresome journey.

Your purchased meals will be shipped to refugees in Europe in collaboration with a UK charity ( Rahma Mercy). We are hopeful that you would help us in reaching this goal and thereby contribute to a noble cause. But if however we are unable to reach this goal, we will add our own funds along with the funds already collected in order to make shipment of USD 5,000 possible. We will ensure that none of your donations go in vain.

Millions of people are devastated due to the consequences of a war. Those who do survive seek for refuge. These unfortunate people are made to leave their homes and venture out into the unknown in search of a safe place. With meager belongings such as two pairs of clothes and spare pieces of bread, they walk without stopping for the fear of being nabbed by violent people.

Like all of us, these refugees deserve to have good quality food with highest nutrition. To help alleviate a bit of their burden and equip them with decent Halal meals for their long and tiresome journey, our goal is to raise enough funds to ship nutritious, Halal, ready to eat Tayyib meals to unfortunate refugees.


Saahtain Foods is based out of International Humanitarian City, Dubai. (IHC)

Our goal is to raise USD 5,000 to add on the already 30,000 Meals shipment. Our major goal is to:

  • Help alleviate the burden of  refugees in Europe by providing them easy, Halal, and effective food relief.
  • Equip refugees with decent meals which will last them for their long and tiresome journey.
  • Long-lasting meals which they can readily eat whenever they wish to until they reach their destination.
  • Provide easy to carry and easy to store meals with no special storage required.
  • Provide meals with localized flavors to help refugees feel like they are not missing out on the taste of home.
  • Give nutritious meals to refugees which will sustain them and help meet their nutritional requirements.

We aim to provide effective resolve for food aid – for dire and extreme situations, specifically post disaster. Tayyib Halal ready to eat meals are first of its kind. When we say our meals are ready-to-eat, it means that our meals require no further cooking whatsoever. Our meals are also complete meals in themselves, all of which are 100% Halal.

Refugees on foot require meals which are fulfilling and can last them until they reach their destination. Refugees also do not have the luxury of cooking equipment at makeshift camps. They are reliant on the food being provided by these camps.

The food that is provided to them is usually pot noodles and loaves of bread. And while these foods do provide energy, they do not serve as wholesome, nutritious meals. These foods are only good for the moment and not for the longer haul of their journey .Refugees need food not only to sustain their hunger but also need some relief that they have food that can last – long shelf life, resilient packaging makes TAYYIB MEALS an ideal resolve.


There may be individuals who would like to lend a helping hand to those in need. Through LaunchGood, we would like to reach out to those individuals and provide them with the opportunity in doing so. In just USD 0.99, you can buy our meals. Once you purchase our meals, you can be assured to have the meals shipped to refugees. The food will be delivered to affected areas with the help of a UK charity.

You can also help us by spreading the word about this initiative. Share our project through various social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You could even share the link with your contacts via E-mail.

Together, we can help FEED HALAL, FEED BETTER  to bring ease for the suffering humanity and feed as many as possible.


Many of us often take food for granted. For those who are able to eat three square meals a day, sometimes even six, food often seems like an unlimited resource. But for people who become victims of disasters, food is scarce.

Like all of us, refugees need decent meals.

If you have ever wondered about how you can help refugees in need, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You can help support our initiative from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button.

Tayyib Foods is committed to help feed better through innovation,effectiveness and quality.


The answer to this is simple – our experience. We have had the humble experience of feeding the poor and unfortunate in wars and disasters with the esteemed charities like UN, Dubai Charity, UK Charities and Red Crescent UAE. Our strong desire to feed better and inform conscientious DONOR for transparent , impacting and satisfactory experience for their philanthropy .  We have also fed refugees in Gaza, in association with a UAE initiative in August 2014 .

In the short span of our existence we have facilitated our buyers to send Food Aid to Gaza, Syria, West Africa and to needy in other parts of the world.  We take our clients and people who believe in what we are doing very seriously. We take full responsibility to deliver to the cause and would value your efforts in taking this journey further and feed as many in need.

Our Meals being given out in Ghana Feb 2015.


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