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Sep 25, 2015 12:00 AM ET

Archived: Award Winning Filmmakers Set To Use Reg A+ On Star Driven Feature

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 25, 2015

Mesa, AZ, September 24, 2015: Brothers and award winning filmmakers Adam and Donovan Montierth announce the Regulation A+ Indication of Interest for their latest film project, “Joining the Race”, which is now available on entertainment equity investing platform Indiecrowdfunder.com.

“We are excited to bring Hollywood and talent driven investing to the masses”, says Donovan.  Adam echoes his sentiment, “Regulation A+ is amazing for our industry and for those interested in investing and not just buying rewards”.

The movie, to be directed by Paul DeNigris, tells the story of Tim Carver, to be played by Bill Engvall, a wealthy, respected and supremely unhappy man going through a mid-life crises, is enrolled into a week-long NASCAR Experience where he learns to laugh, love and live again.

Joining the Race is also set to star Bart Johnson and Robyn Lively, will lens in California, Georgia and Texas.  “Tapping into a crowd that is hungry to invest in the content they want to see, is powerful.” said Gregory Parker, Co-founder and CEO of indiecrowdfunder.com.  “Not only is it a huge marketing tool but also a way to connect directly with fans that are invested in making the content a success”.

“Equity is on the rise, its reaching out further than real estate now, and we hope to lead the way in the entertainment industry”, said Christopher Parker, Co-founder and architect of the platform.  The Film will be produced by Adam and Donovan Montierth from Brothers’ Ink Productions and Steve Briscoe and Paul DeNigris of Locked Horns Productions, both are also credited with writing the screenplay.

With the increase in consumer driven technology and the emergence of on-demand programming, regulation A+ can help put content consumers in the driver’s seat on what content can now be greenlit. “Reward crowdfunding is great, but the option for a purchaser to want and demand more has now arrived.” says Chief Content Officer Denise Smith.  “Consumers should be given the choice of a t-shirt or sharing in the profits, and let them decide which is best for them”.


IndieCrowdFunder.com is a worldwide company, headquartered in Los Angeles California that provides entertainment professionals with the most comprehensive and exclusive web-based equity (Regulation A tier 1 & 2, Regulation D 504, 506(c), state level crowdfunding) crowdfunding platform, for feature films, short films, television episodes and new media projects.

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Gregory Parker

Donovan Montierth

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