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Sep 24, 2015 4:40 PM ET

Triunfo financial information in the palm of your hand

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

Triunfo is a company engaged in the infrastructure sector; it has just taken an important step in its procedures for investor communications. Through a project developed by RIWeb, the company has launched their site application designed by RI. The mission, as emphasized by the team, is to provide business information in the palm of the hands of those who need to access this type of information.


The company Triunfo Participações e Investimentos S.A. is one of the leading Brazilian companies in the infrastructure sector, with a solid performance in highway concessions, port management, and in the energy and airport administration segments.  Common to all their businesses is the management of public services through concessions or direct authorization. The company is listed in the Novo Mercado listings of the Corporate Governance Council Stock Exchange, (BM & FBovespa) under TPIS3. In 4Q14, the company reached a total of R$ 280 million of adjusted net revenue, and R$ 1.3 billion in 2014.

The Challenge:

Interested in the commitment to take even greater care to communicate every detail of their applications with transparency, the main challenge of Triunfo was to strengthen their investor relations and to provide an innovative means of communication. The trend of publicly-traded capital markets is for these companies to create channels that will form a relationship with those involved in a more intimate manner; channels which are more than simply mobile versions of the original site, but which show updates anytime, anywhere in real-time in a quick and accessible manner.

The Plan:

In order to improve communication and facilitate the arrival of information in a practical and fast manner, the organization decided to design an application for mobile phones. “This is a fundamental tool. People have to be able to access information wherever they are. With the advances made in technology, ease of communication has grown, but there is no use providing a site that is totally misconfigured when accessing it on a mobile phone. The information must be in the palm of the hand at the time that the analyst or investor needs it”, explains the company’s analyst.


Triunfo have had all their needs met by RIWeb, a company belonging to Grupo Comunique-se that develops technologies for the investor’s networking market with a focus on communication through the development of applications used for mobile phones. “The content available on this platform was chosen according to the information that analysts and investors  accessed most frequently on our website, such as ‘Financial Quartely Results’ and ‘News’,” said the company’s analyst.

Financial Results:

The mobile tool brings all the information that Triunfo stakeholders need right into the “palm of their hands”. Accessing the financial results, internal news and company achievements is now much easier. “Grupo Comunique-se is already one of our partners regarding other processes. We carried out an assessment of the product, we liked it a lot and decided to use it. All updates of the original site are made by Workr [communication software in the cloud developed by Grupo Comunique-se] and they are available automatically in the Triunfo application.  Without the need for any intermediaries, lengthy request procedures or deadlines”, stated the company’s analyst.


Contact Information:

Triunfo Participações e Investimentos S.A.
Tel: (11) 2169-3999 | Fax: (11) 2169-3969
[email protected]

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