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Sep 24, 2015 12:34 PM ET

Sojali Farm: Organic Fresh Produce – CSA

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015

Sojali Farm

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Organic Fresh Produce – CSA

Community Supported Agriculture, a unique partnership between farm and community

Sojali Farm
Sojali Farm

Who is Sojali Farm?

I am a Mum to three little seedlings, 8yrs, 5yrs, and 2yrs old. We moved too Gothenburg from the UK in February this year.

I love growing my own food and I have done it for as long as I can remember. I have an RHS L2 in Horticulture and I am also a trained vet nurse. All three children love to help grow and we try to be as self-sustaining as possible. When we moved to Sweden the first thing we did was try to find growing space.

Allotments were not easy to find, and once we did locate them we were told that the waiting list was two years, sometimes longer. With our name on the waiting list we waited and eventually something clicked. Why don’t we do it ourselves?

This is the main reason for setting up Sojali. So we can share the joy of organic home grown produce with any one that cannot grow their own. We will be 100% organic, bee and butterfly friendly, with cut flowers and plants solely for their use. We will also be looking to include chickens and ducks for fresh, free range eggs.

Community Driven - Pick Your Own
Community Driven – Pick Your Own

What is Sojali Farm?

Waiting lists for allotments are long and many apartments lack the required space to grow. So we decided to take things into our own hands. We set about leasing land and started our search for local farmers, council, anyone that would be able to lease us a field, part field or even just a corner of land.

After a long search we found a suitable area but then another potential problem arose. What started as a ‘grow your own’ quickly turned into ‘growing en mass’. It soon became apparent that many of the people we were speaking too were really bought into the idea of fresh organic food and many started to ask how they could get involved. More importantly, people started to ask how they placed orders for food.

Our small idea for a plot of land to feed the family began to grow into something bigger and after a lot of research and planning the idea of Sojali Farm being a Community Supported Agriculture initiative was born.

CSA will allow us to provide crops for ourselves, the local community, local businesses and many more. We deeply believe in the multiple benefits of locally produced, fresh organic food and with a CSA setup we can deliver those benefits to many more.

All produce at Sojali farm is Organic
All produce at Sojali farm is Organic

What is CSA?

CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

CSA allows the local community and businesses direct access to high quality, fresh produce, grown locally by regional farmers.

When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of vegetables from a regional farmer. Weekly or bi-weekly, from June until October or November (depending on the harvest), your farmer will deliver that share of produce to a convenient drop-off location in your neighborhood.

CSA works on a subscription model, with members of the farm paying either monthly, quarterly or yearly. This subscription model allows the farmer to plan for the season, purchase new seed, make equipment repairs, and much more. In return, you’re getting access to a range of fresh produce delivered on a regular basis.

Shares usually include 7-10 types of vegetables, enough for an average size family. Sojali will also offer half shares for smaller households.

Sunshine, everyday!
Sunshine, everyday!

Where will my money go?

At the moment we are getting a lot of help from our local Government, who are kindly erecting a deer and hare proof fence around our land. We’ll also be borrowing a polytunnel and a well will be constructed, ensuring we’ve got fresh water for our chickens and crops.

We fall short on the labour machines. So a MacTrac would be perfect for our small holding as it can be used with numerous attachments including a seeder, weeder and plough for all our needs.

We are also looking for housing for our chickens. We were thinking of starting with 6-10 chickens, with plans to expand the brood at a later date. We want them to have a huge run and house so they can be as free range as possible but still safe from predators.

All funding raised will also help cover the initial costs that will include general tools, seeds, secure storage and much more.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Contact Information:

Sojali Farm

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