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Sep 24, 2015 1:19 PM ET

Archived: Nuklius: Talent-mapping app which matches people & skills to projects and startup ideas within a given network

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 24, 2015




The Pain:
When people stumble on the next big thing, what pain do they experience? They simply don’t have all the skills needed in order to take that idea off-the-shelf and into the real world. Finding the people with the skills you need can be tedious and time consuming (networking events, colleagues, friends, friends of friends).

With size comes complexity, “the network effect”: As a network grows it becomes harder and harder to keep track of who is in it, more importantly what skills and expertise reside in the network – making it difficult or near impossible, to find what you need from who has it.

The Painkiller:
It takes a team, with complementary skills, to get ideas off the ground successfully. Nuklius helps you find the people with the skills you need, to build your team and realise your idea by matching it with the people & skills needed. Our matchmaking technology cuts through the complexity of the “network effect”, bringing organisation to the chaos. We make it as simple as a push of a button, from knowing what you need, to being in front of the person that has it, in the shortest amount of time and effort spent. We take the your idea and what it is looking for and in return show you ‘people’ cards of the individuals who have the skills you need. For those without ideas of their own, we match them up with ideas in need of their skill sets. Simple, convenient and effective.

Nuklius has two environments; the open, entrepreneurial network where people use it find their collaborators to build their startup teams and Nuklius Platform; closed, private, walled-garden environments in which organisations can talent-map their own internal network.



We are looking to solve the disconnect between people having ideas but not possessing all of the skills required to realise their ideas. Where the idea stays just that, an idea. We do this by connecting them with the people who do. We want to remove the road block between having an idea and turning that idea into a reality. We fundamentally believe that startups drive true social and economic innovations; so the more people we can help connect to build their ideas into companies, the better.

For organisations, Nuklius can help them become more agile and speed up innovation by giving them the ability to have an intuitive map of their talent and straightforward way to connect that talent to explore new opportunities where it is needed. Organisations have started to see the value of what the ‘lean-startup’ methodology has done for the startup world and are beginning to implement this same culture and way of doing things into their own organisations (small teams experimenting with new ideas, testing concepts quickly and seeing what works). Nuklius Platform will give them the needed tool to execute on this.

Our vision is to bring entrepreneurship to the masses. Wherever it may be.



June ‘14: Started working on Nuklius over the summer.
August ’14: Stefan provided very early stage capital for Nuklius.
September ’14: Accepted into University of Cambridge Accelerate Cambridge programme.
October ‘14: Partnerships with Warwick, UCL, London Met.
November ‘14: First agreement for a ‘Platform’ with UCL for AppAmbassador programme.
December ‘14: Beta test with 52 people to get feedback and improve.
February 22nd ‘15: iOS app launched – actively promoting in the UK (London, Cambridge & Warwick).
March ‘15: Started ‘Platform’ discussions with MassChallenge, StartupBootcamp, Bethal Green Ventures.
June ’15: Started ‘Platform’ discussions with Seedcamp, and Techstars.
June ’15: One of ten chosen to demo at the Technology Venture Conference in Cambridge.




Primary use of funds: Give us a runway of approximately 12 months to prove the concept and get traction in both Nuklius and Platform side of the business:

1) Business Development (Travel, Marketing, Conferences and Exhibitions)
2) Operating Cost (Server, Software License, Font License, Office, etc.)
3) Founder Salaries


Contact Information:

Stefan van der Fluit
Alex Dobinson
Paul Hughes

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