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Sep 23, 2015 3:05 PM ET

Archived: Open My Restaurant- EL Buen Comer: El Buen Comer’s Restaurant will bring a family style Mexican dining experience to you!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2015

Open My Restaurant- EL Buen Comer

Hi, my name is Isabel Pazos. I am the owner of El Buen Comer, a soon-to-be restaurant in Bernal Heights San Francisco. Seven years ago I decided to follow my passion for cooking and turn it into my career as a way to help support my family. I began selling food out of the kitchen in my apartment. Before I knew it the people of my community became my biggest supporters, lining up outside of my apartment door waiting for the day’s offering, and I outgrew my little home kitchen. In a stroke of luck one night while watching television with my family, an old friend of mine from Mexico City appeared on-screen. She was talking about La Cocina and how they were able to guide her with the process of formalizing her food business. After that night, with a little push from my family, I decided to reach out to La Cocina. Fast forward seven years and something I didn’t think I could dream is now a reality.

I am opening my very own restaurant! Sometimes I can’t believe it… Nothing brings me more joy than cooking for people and very soon I will be able to start doing just that. With your contributions to this campaign I will be able to purchase the last key pieces of equipment that I need in order to start feeding my costumers. In supporting El Buen Comer you will also be supporting the community around us. When designing our restaurant the most important aspect for us was creating an extension of our family’s dinner table. Our hope is that at El Buen Comer our neighbors will find a vibrant, comfortable and must importantly delicious space that they can visit often.

So… You might be asking yourselves, what it is that we need from you? Well, we need your financial contributions and in exchange we are offering you perks that will fill both your bellies and hearts with joy!

We aim to raise $25,000. This money will go towards purchasing big and expensive pieces of equipment.

– A 20-quart Hobart mixer
– A point of sales system
– A ton of little pieces of equipment (ladles, spoons, plates, sauteé pans, sheet trays and much more)
– It will also help purchase some of our opening inventory (wine, beer and dried goods)

Nothing in life is free. I believe that full-heartedly, which is why we have taken the time to put some really great perks together to thank you for your support. I’ve reached out to the amazing community of chefs in San Francisco and was fortunate enough to get a couple them to sign up to participate in some of our perks!  If you’ve ever wanted to cook like Traci des Jardins now you can learn how to make mole from her! Or you could have a dinner prepared for you by James Beard Award winning chef and co-owner of Delfina, Craig Stoll.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you find that a financial contribution is not right for you we hope that you can support us by visiting us at the restaurant as often as you please.


Contact Information:

Isabel Pazos

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