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Sep 23, 2015 4:50 PM ET

Evolving Doors Dance presents: Relative Weight & Tiny Surrenders

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 23, 2015

Evolving Doors Dance presents: Relative Weight & Tiny Surrenders

Evolving Doors Dance presents Relative Weight & Tiny Surrenders with special guest company RE|Dance Group.
This year we are excited to share the beautiful stage at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Colorado with Chicago based company, RE|Dance Group.  Last spring Evolving Doors Dance traveled across the country, offering master classes and performances, on our way to perform in Chicago.  And now, RE|Dance Group is making the voyage to Colorado.  With this performance, you get two shows for the price of one (don’t worry, you get two short shows!).  We are excited to share our newest work with our Colorado community, and delighted to introduce our friends, fans and extended community to the beautiful work of choreographer Michael Estanich and RE|Dance Group.  

Fortunately, we had such a successful tour this spring, and spring fundraiser, that our goal is smaller than previous years!  Huzzah!  However, we still have the performance space to rent, rehearsal space to rent, marketing materials to create and distribute, and several incredibly talented artists to compensate for their skill and time.  

Please take a moment to watch our short video, and contribute to this community of passionate and hard working artists.  Share our fundraiser via FaceBook, email, phone calls, knocking on doors…  whatever your preferred method!  And, as we’ve said in the past, success on this front looks like two things to us:
#1 – The funds we are able to raise.  We deeply appreciate the generosity of our community, and without your support we would not be able to create this work and share it with the world.
#2 – The number of people involved in the campaign.  It takes a village, and even a $10 donation says, “Hey, I believe in you and am happy to count my name among people who want to see you succeed.”  Those numbers mean a great deal to us.  And, hard as it seems to imagine, those $10 contributions really do add up!

Thank you, so much, for your continued support and encouragement!
Evolving Doors Dance has been working hard for the past ten years to bring socially relevant modern dance into the world to encourage dialogue around challenging topics and foster a sense of compassion and understanding between diverse communities.  We have a deep love and respect for the beautiful and messy journey that is life, and we believe passionately that art and the arts can help us all learn and integrate experiences in a unique and meaningful way.  Again, thank you for making this work possible.  Our thank you gifts can never reflect the amount of gratitude and joy we have in being able to bring you along on this crazy trip with us!

We are Evolving Doors Dance.
We are a contemporary modern dance company based in Denver, Colorado and we’ve been creating and producing original works for eight years.  We are currently comprised of five professional dancers (Serena, Tara, Gretchen, Dan, and Liz), and EDD’s fearless leaders/directors Angie Simmons (choreographer / Artist Director) and Amy Shelley (Sound Designer / Executive Director).  We have a little dream to bring performative dance and movement experiences to people everywhere, getting communities involved in understanding how movement can change lives.

Why RocketHub? How Does It Work?
We heart RocketHub!  RocketHub is not an investment or charity.  It exchanges funds from you for goods from us.  It allows artists to present wonderfully unique ideas and projects in a beautifully contoured website to potential funders within and outside their communities, while allowing the artist to maintain control of their work and ideas.  Normally, it takes a small percentage of the money raised in exchange for providing this funding opportunity.  In our case, it pairs with our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, who receives that small percentage.  This is fantastic news for you because it means that your contribution is tax deductible.  You can get a tax receipt by email when you donate!  We get to keep whatever we raise, whether we meet our goal, are shy of that goal, OR exceed our goal.  (We’re rooting for that last one!)

Contact Information:

Angie Simmons

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