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Sep 22, 2015 5:08 PM ET

Archived: WithOneBean – The Coffee sTrike’s Back!

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

WithOneBean – The Coffee sTrike’s Back!

The reason we’ve turned to chuffed (and to you!)

WithOneBean’s ethical, social and environmental coffee and a custom-built coffee trike brings WithOneBean coffee to the people of Melbourne.

The idea behind this unique venture is to set up the coffee trike and sell coffee in parks, on bike paths, train stations and at public events in and around Melbourne and in doing so, support subsistence coffee producers in Timor Leste by returning profits to education and environmental initiatives.

Last week, we had a set-back…

The WithOneBean coffee trike, trailer and coffee equipment were all stolen from our HQ in the early hours of last week, including the coffee making machine, pour over jugs, urn, generator and traditional Timorese tais.

We hit the ground running on a social media campaign.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we got the word out. We were blown away by the response from wonderful people, sharing and notifying people all over Australia to be on the look out for the WithOneBean coffee trike. THANKS!


Some kids found the trike dumped in a vacant lot and recognised it from social media. The trailer was also located near by.

We’re over the moon … but we still need your help please

Although our trike and trailer were returned, all the equipment is gone and the trike is in need of repair.

We are appealing to you to help us raise the funds to repair and restock. As a social enterprise, we are determined to get peddling again for spring and summer – serving great coffee! We are seeking to raise $10,000 to achieve this goal.

So whether you donate, buy a perk or head to withonebean.org.au to buy bags of coffee – we’d really appreciate your support to get us back on track.

Our impact

WithOneBean coffee is a specialty organic Arabica bean, ethically, socially and environmentally sourced from a cooperative of subsistance farmers in Timor Leste.

WithOneBean allows the farmers to be paid a fair price for their coffee crop; and supports education programs that increase their knowledge and skills, thereby improving their livelihoods.

By drinking WithOneBean coffee you are not only directly supporting subsistence communities in Timor Leste but also a number of initiatives that deliver direct environmental, educational and economic returns in both Australia and Timor Leste.

We’re working to end poverty and hunger. We’re working to replant the forests. We’re working to build knowledge.

Replenish the planet with everything you do!

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