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Sep 22, 2015 8:49 AM ET

Storm Dezignz- Become a shoe designer

iCrowdNewswire - Sep 22, 2015

Storm Dezignz- Become a shoe designer



I’d like to create an app that allows shoe designers and fashion designers to build their own shoe line from scratch.
It would work as follows-
1. The choice between 5 different start up shoe bases such as sneakers, flip flops, slip ons. After selecting the shoe the app would allow you to choose your own colours on the basic start up shoes. And once customisation has finished they can upload or create their brands logo. Each shoe sold the brand owner will earn a start up commission for each design. Note that maximum of2 designs if basic start up. They will have there own custom link to the shoes they’ve now created and started selling. Minimum of 5 pairs sold before and shoe production starts.
2. Once the brand own has sold a minimum of 25 pairs between their two collections they will be upgraded to white label. Our app name will be removed from soles of shoes.
3. Unlocks 2 more base shoe designs to customise.
4. Brand owner sells 50 pairs and unlock a custom image or pattern feature. (This allows them to upload their own images and place them on shoes.
5. Once a total of 75 pairs sold they unlock all base shoe models.
6. Sell 100 and this will Give the brand owner the opportunity to have their own webstores without the app name.
7. Gives the brand owner the ultimate opportunity to custom design their very own shoes. Brand owners submit sketches, and work with our shoe makers to create their own style and designs.
Each of these steps can be unlocked from the beginning if brand owners purchase upgrades either in stage upgrades or an ultimate shoe line upgrade.
This will be an App Store only app both google play and apple App Store. Smart phone and tablets only. I am in contact with several shoe making companies both from the luxury hand made shoemakers and from China. Possibility of using both as two seperate pricing categories that being luxury shoes and affordable shoes.

What makes this app so unique

  • There isn’t an app for iPhone or for android users that lets you create your own shoe line, let’s you launch shoes line, let’s earn from selling your shoes in any of the stores.

Why we need your support

  • Build a team to ensure legalities, product suppliers, contracts are locked in
  • Secure app builder and build app
  • Launch and promote app
Contact Information:

Storm Dezignz

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